Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Using Links In Comments Can Hurt Blog Traffic

If you have submitted your comments to blogs of your niche and have included a URL of your blog post in it, then be sure that you can get into trouble. Google does not like such links and considers them to be spam. Even the webmasters will consider these comments unworthy and delete them. You are simply wasting your time all around the web trying to impress Google and on the contrary you are abusing the search engine.

There are many Google blogs written by bloggers which got banned and were deleted from the servers because of commenting on other blogs and including URL's in the comments section. Comments section is for leaving comments. Only the main URL of your blog may be included in the URL section else you are just ending up troubling yourself and your hours of hard work.

Blogging success depends more on writing posts than on link building. Please take a look at Matthew Cutts's blog if you want to understand how to build a successful blog. He works with Google and knows exactly what can make his blog a great success. And, if I am not wrong we all should also be employing the same strategy to see our blogs in the first page of Google.

Any blog with over a 1000 well written meaningful blog posts will never end up without back-links. Back-links are meaningless if asked for. They have to be gifted to you. You need to push your posts up in the search index of Google and that happens every-time the Google bot comes to your blog. And that happens only when you have something fresh to be given to Google.

You should also remember not to kill your blog with anything senseless which may make Google doubt your genuineness. Too much of content in a short time will make anyone suspect its source. And such also is the case when it comes to too many links created in a very short time. A day will come when your post will go viral. Till then you have to see the spikes and make yourself happy with your progress though it may look slow.

Moreover if you use links in the comments section you are also disturbing the readers of the blog. Comments are nonsense if they are promoting your blog on some other blog. The comments section is not a free marketing space where you throw the URL of your blog as if it is a free space for putting up advertisements. This is exactly the reason why Google was forced to introduce the no-follow tag. Please be careful with whatever you do. The worst thing you could do to kill all your hard work is to put the URL as it is without any description tag. Understand hyperlinks and how to use them properly.

Using links in comments is a very cheap way of asking for link. If you are so desperate you should find various sites on the internet which can provide you exactly the thing which you want. But please do not ruin you work or others work with dirty comments which pass link to your site. Everyone hates it and moreover it does more harm to you than good. The worse you may do is to get your site permanently banned! So use the comments section wisely and put only the main URL of your site in the section which is allotted particularly for that purpose.