Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Link Building Is Not Working: Google Penguin

"Link building is not working" is something which all the webmasters are discussing throughout the web. Link building was a very popular SEO strategy used by all webmasters to get to the first page of Google. Though disappointing to a few webmasters, many webmasters are now unable to understand what they can possibly do to get to the first page of Google without using link-building because link building is no longer working for increasing your SERP ranking.

There was a time where we just needed to write a post do some on-page optimization build a few links across the social networking sites with proper anchor text and we would see Google pushing our post higher and higher in its search results and we would easily get high traffic. But now link building is no longer working. Earlier, whatever links building webmasters did using suitable anchor-text is no longer working because Google's Penguin update has stopped seeing the anchor text used in the links.

You cannot do link building using social bookmarking sites for more than four sites else Google may identify your links as unnatural and rank you very low. You need to keep your link building very natural is what Google says but in reality link building has completely stopped working: link building is working no more because those little bit of links that you build are nofollow links which Google will never take into consideration.

Google does not want link building to work anymore. The recent algorithm updates are taking link building patterns very seriously and are identifying every site as spam if they are gaining anchor-text links built very aggressively. So if you are using link building using social networking sites for ranking high on Google you should stop doing it because now link building will not work and instead it will do harm to your site and remove your site from the Google index.

This time the slogan of Google says "stop link building", "do site building" and leave the rest to us. Google does not like it if you play with its search results by trying to tell it what keyword you want to rank for by building too many links with anchor text of your choice. Google will now be choosing its pages by neglecting all the off-page link-building strategies that webmasters will practice. Google does not want webmasters to manipulate its search results and hence it has stopped link building from pushing your site up through its organic search results.

The worst part about the Penguin update is that the filters are very sensitive and can detect the places which give the webmasters an easy opportunity to manipulate Google SERP's using strategies like link building, keyword stuffing,etc. Link building is no longer working but the bad guys even today know how to exploit the SERP's and are still ranking high for terms they desire. This is not due to link building: link building will only increase your Google PR, not your ranking in search results.

There are many factors which Google will give more importance to while weighing the importance of your page of which link-building was just one factor which is no longer working. There are nearly 200+ factors that Google will consider before ranking your page of which link building will be completely neglected. Your site may be considered to be involved in link fraud and will be thrown out of Google index. Hence, link building isn't working and you should stop doing link-building because you will be just wasting your time doing something which no longer helps your site get high traffic.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Google Penguin Update | What Does Google Penguin Update Do

Google Penguin update has been released and it is affecting our ranks in Google SERP. We all remember that before the Penguin update all we had to do was: write a post, submit it to a few social networking sites and we would find our post somewhere on the second or third page of Google organic search results. Doing a little bit of search engine optimization would get us some quick high traffic in no time. But now the Penguin update has changed the rules of the game. So much so that previous search engine optimization methods may sometimes even hurt our site traffic.

Penguin punishes easily available links:

Easily available links which can change Google's search results and give you a chance to feature your blog in the top organic search results are filtered out by Google Penguin update. Gone are the days where we just wrote an article and submitted it to Digg and Boom: our posts would appear on the second or third page of Google. Do that now and you find your post nowhere in the top hundred if you search for the search term. This has happened with me: submit the page to too many social bookmarking sites and the page is gone. At the most you may submit your site to two or three social networking sites. Because it is Google and it wants to keep its social networking site up and running Penguin allows you to upload your link on Google+. Penguin has no problem with that. If you submit your post URL to more than three social bookmarking sites Penguin may throw you out of Google's organic search results list.

Penguin knows where the links are easily available:

Blog directories, social bookmarking sites, social networking sites, sites with blog posts and so many other places allow the webmasters to get some good amount of free links to boost their site visibility and site traffic. And Google's Penguin really hates that from the bottom of its heart. Penguin can harm you if it finds that you are building too many back-links to your site from any of these sources. But you may heave a sigh of relief: Penguin is here only to see whether the links are coming the normal way or have just boomeranged in a day or two. You may do link building through directories but you need to make sure that Penguin finds it natural else you are in for trouble. Think of it if SEO were really dead would there be any SEO firms living today. Even today Google loves links: remember Google introduced Google's Penguin update but did not out-date the PR formula. As long as page rank exists Google traffic can be very easily stolen!

Penguin punishes you even if you have one illegal link:

Link farms created so much of trouble for Google that it had to tell its Penguin algorithm in very strict words: any such links and the site traffic shall fall crashing down to the ground. This has happened and many webmasters complained to their SEO contractors that their site traffic suddenly fell down. The results were sometimes so devastating that a site traffic of thousands of visitors came crashing down to merely a few hundreds. And yes I have seen the graphs. The real problem behind the sudden traffic fall was two back-links coming from unwanted sources where the bad guys always wandered. Once the links were removed from Google index using their newly released link removal Disavow tool the site traffic got higher. Doesn't that sound interesting.

This Penguin can read anchor text:

This is a long known secret: Google does not like you to use the same anchor text in all the links you build. The good part is if the number of links pointing to your site are many Google Penguin ignores this fact. Remember that the primary keyword should be used for building links only for 50% of your anchor text. You just need to give a variety of anchor texts and keep the targeted anchor text to be pointing to your site for only 50% of the total number of back-links pointing to your site. Never give the Penguin a chance else your site is sure to bleed.

Google's Penguin update is prepared to punish the bad guys:

In simple words Google's Penguin update expects that you should not do whatever the black-hat search engine optimization experts are doing. Stay safe if you depend on a single site. The bad guys can build as many number of sites as they want without getting busted by Google. Their efforts are short and their success is also short. Penguin does punish the bad guys but by then the bad guys steal their part of the show. Think of a new site with no posts ranking 1st on the first page of Google and Google has to manually remove it out of its index when someone reminds them about it. The Penguin has done more harm to the good guys than the bad ones. Let us just hope that things get better and we get to see a smarter Penguin in the near future.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Google Traffic Stolen!

Google traffic is still being stolen by expert search engine optimizers. Believe it or not as long as it is a machine and an algorithm it is very easy to manipulate it. As long as Google gives special attention to back-links and SEO, the bad guys will always bring bad name to Google by misusing the rules.

There are still many webmasters who know the trick of getting to the top page of Google in no time and Google is very reluctant in putting them first on its list. If more links are pointing to your site: Google will give it undue importance. The best part is link building using comments section is dangerous and may be considered spam any time soon.

Using link building for making a post stand up as an important post in the eyes of Google may put all your efforts in the dust-bin. Trying to punish the bad guys, Google has accidentally punished many good guys. Panda and Penguin have made life-long efforts of so many webmasters an utter waste. Only those who played extremely safe got a very good badge from Google but never the first rank.

Even today there are many keywords which are giving higher ranks to webpages with very little or no content. Because getting back-links is a very difficult job Google has decided that it will never put this ranking logic down. Links will always rule the Google algorithms. To make things worse the no-follow links were introduced and every webmaster is now stealing the content from other sites and giving that webmaster a no-follow link in return.

As long as Google loves links, the bad guys will always find different means of getting to the first page of Google. The good news is Google loves freshly updated content. i have personally tested and found that if you upload more than  posts in a single day (which is not possible if you are the only warrior updating content on your blog) Google will start ranking your posts higher and higher. My posts go up in Google search for a short time and make some quick traffic when I update more posts on the same day. No matter whatever measures Google takes to makes its search results more better, webmasters will always find different ways of stealing Google traffic.

Google Penguin Fails In Curbing Link Fraud

Google Penguin has been unable in detecting link fraud. You will find so many complaints online speaking about the unsuccessful attempts of Google trying to identify and punish link fraud. There are spammers who have filled the web with spam-my links and have thrown their links all around the web.

Using comments section for building links: are you still doing that? Seriously Google will punish you for your acts with its Penguin update. Believe it or not but if you go on submitting your post link to many sites by using their comments section Google will kill your blog. The better part is once you stop doing it Google eases its filters and gives you some fresh air to breathe.

Another interesting thing I have been noticing is Google hates Social bookmarking. It just wants that you update your changes on Google+ and forget the other networking sites. Google is bothered only about Google+ updates because it gives Google a very good chance of identifying whom to rate higher. The greater the number of likes you get on Google+ Google finds your article to be more and more interesting. If you are submitting your articles to all bookmarking and networking sites it is time to stop it if you want Google traffic.

Though Penguin has been successful in finding a few link frauds there are many instances where you find that Google has got complaints from webmasters showing it a few sites with no content ranking on the front page of Google within 2 days just because they built huge number of illegal links in a short time. Those links were later manually removed. Doesn't that tell us that Google still has a lot to do to curb link frauds?

Matt Cutts: Link Building Not Necessary

Matt Cutts says that link building will be dead but there are many reasons which make it really clear that link building can never die. Matt Cutts argued that he has many links pointing to his blog: every person is not Matt Cutts. Matt Cutts is an Engineer working for Google and everyone knows that. It is obvious that whatever Matt Cutts will publish on his blog will be shared by everyone in the Blog-o-sphere.

Link building can never be dead. Page-rank has never been dead. PR is one of the 200 or more basis on which Google ranks a webpage. There are many webmasters who use link building and rank higher for whichever keyword they want to rank for.

We all know that link building increases the PR of a site. Greater the number of back-links greater will be the ranking position of the site in the search engines. In fact, Matt Cutts also asks for back-links when he does Q&A sessions with other Bloggers. Does that not give us a hint that Matt Cutts is wrong when he says that link building is not necessary.

Keyword Finding | Find Good Keywords Without Using A Keywords Tool

Keywords are the key to getting high traffic. There is a very good way of finding the keywords that can give you some good traffic. Google identifies the most popularly used keywords and suggests them in the keyword suggestions that appear in the drop-down box. Irrespective of whether these are searched for the most, you can write a post on the topic and target some long tail keyword very easily.

This keyword analysis also give you the number of competitors you will get for the primary keyword. Now extend your primary keyword and try to figure some long-tail keywords and see the number of competitors. Write posts on topic which is not targeted by many visitors.

The best part about this strategy is that irrespective of statistics these keywords are always searched for using Google. Find an appropriate keyword and do some on-page seo and rank high for that keyword: this is way too easier than you think. You can rank high for many long-tail keywords which can promise you at least ten visitors per new post you write.

Keywords tool are not free and keyword analysis is absolutely necessary to get some real traffic to your site. This is basic common-sense trick and can be easily followed for finding keywords with very little competition. Target the right keyword and maintain a good keyword density and you can increase your site traffic within a month or two.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Using Links In Comments Can Hurt Blog Traffic

If you have submitted your comments to blogs of your niche and have included a URL of your blog post in it, then be sure that you can get into trouble. Google does not like such links and considers them to be spam. Even the webmasters will consider these comments unworthy and delete them. You are simply wasting your time all around the web trying to impress Google and on the contrary you are abusing the search engine.

There are many Google blogs written by bloggers which got banned and were deleted from the servers because of commenting on other blogs and including URL's in the comments section. Comments section is for leaving comments. Only the main URL of your blog may be included in the URL section else you are just ending up troubling yourself and your hours of hard work.

Blogging success depends more on writing posts than on link building. Please take a look at Matthew Cutts's blog if you want to understand how to build a successful blog. He works with Google and knows exactly what can make his blog a great success. And, if I am not wrong we all should also be employing the same strategy to see our blogs in the first page of Google.

Any blog with over a 1000 well written meaningful blog posts will never end up without back-links. Back-links are meaningless if asked for. They have to be gifted to you. You need to push your posts up in the search index of Google and that happens every-time the Google bot comes to your blog. And that happens only when you have something fresh to be given to Google.

You should also remember not to kill your blog with anything senseless which may make Google doubt your genuineness. Too much of content in a short time will make anyone suspect its source. And such also is the case when it comes to too many links created in a very short time. A day will come when your post will go viral. Till then you have to see the spikes and make yourself happy with your progress though it may look slow.

Moreover if you use links in the comments section you are also disturbing the readers of the blog. Comments are nonsense if they are promoting your blog on some other blog. The comments section is not a free marketing space where you throw the URL of your blog as if it is a free space for putting up advertisements. This is exactly the reason why Google was forced to introduce the no-follow tag. Please be careful with whatever you do. The worst thing you could do to kill all your hard work is to put the URL as it is without any description tag. Understand hyperlinks and how to use them properly.

Using links in comments is a very cheap way of asking for link. If you are so desperate you should find various sites on the internet which can provide you exactly the thing which you want. But please do not ruin you work or others work with dirty comments which pass link to your site. Everyone hates it and moreover it does more harm to you than good. The worse you may do is to get your site permanently banned! So use the comments section wisely and put only the main URL of your site in the section which is allotted particularly for that purpose.