Thursday, December 1, 2011

How To Get Traffic Without SEO

Getting high traffic without SEO requires a different traffic building technique which is not so difficult to achieve. There are so many things in SEO that many webmasters are now looking forth for finding ways using which they can get some quick traffic to their site without all the SEO business. Getting traffic without SEO clearly points to one thing: the source of traffic will not be the search engines. You are looking for getting traffic without SEO because SEO did not help you in coming to the top page of Google or either because you find SEO too difficult to follow.

There however is one very good method using which you can get some good high traffic to your site using the search engine without doing any of the SEO stuff, is there? There is and the technique is to write and write and write and write a lot of articles. Getting high traffic with a few posts sounds great no doubt but that demands a good SEO profile and a clean page which is absolutely Google friendly. To tell you the truth many successful blogs are just successful because of their content and no because of their SEO. To put a lot of content into play you need writers or do the writing yourself. The only thing is that the quality of the content should never die. The more you update the content of your blog the more will Google come searching for the updates and the higher will be the traffic you will get from the search engines.

Google has presently changed its algorithm in such a way that it will put sites with fresh content on the top of Google organic search. But hey, can you write so much as to outdo a blog which is handled by a couple of writers? No you can't unless you are some kind of a literature expert so that you have something always stuffed in your mind to throw it on your blog. People want serious information filled high quality content to read. You can play with Google but not with the visitors of your blog. They need you to know something and they turn to the web to get some information and they land to your site to find some serious important information. If you give it to them once they will return to your site time and again. So original high quality content is definitely the best possible way of getting high traffic to your site even without the SEO efforts put into it.

Social networking sites are a very good source of bringing some good high traffic to your site without any SEO efforts. Many people get confused and start using all the available social networking sites to try and get some traffic from all the sites. The fact is that you need only one social networking site to get the necessary traffic that you need to your site. If you are bad at SEO or if you hate SEO you have no other way out but to use this way to get to the targeted visitors who are searching for information on the web. Why social networking sites: because next to the search engines they are the ones which are having some very serious traffic on the web. Every social networking site has millions if not thousands of millions of visitors in its database. To give you a quick start I would recommend Facebook or Twitter go to any of the two sites, create an account, add friends, throw link, comment on other members content, again add friends and keep on alerting everyone of the changes on your blog. Here the only way of promoting your blog is the content quality and the information that you are giving.

There is definitely one more method for getting good high traffic to your blog without SEO: article directories. For every article you write on your blog you need to use the article directories and submit articles to them with the link of your site beneath the article. This will give you ten to fifty page-views on the very first day. If the article ranks first on the organic search results (which actually they never do I will tell you why) you will be lucky to get traffic extracts to your site every time somebody reads your article. Many serious bloggers never stick to this technique for two reasons: 1. It takes time and is boring 2. Why write for others? Coming to the part why the articles do not rank well in the search engines. A typical article directory will have at least fifty posts to be posted in it every hour if it is very popular. They are not bothered about SEO for they have lot of content and lot of readers who want original content on their site which they will be searching for in the article directories. In order to avoid getting bad impressions from search engines and the readers as well the article directories have a specific set of rules which their algorithm checks for. The minus point is that the search engines will not ever clearly understand what the post is about unless it gives importance only to the title in such cases. Hence this is also a good technique to get some extra traffic and links from the web.

One of the main reasons why people search for ways that they can get traffic from without doing SEO is because they do not know how to get links which is the toughest part of SEO. SEO consists of so many on-page optimization factors which if taken care of properly will get you only half way through to the goal of coming first in the top organic search results. The remaining fifty percent depends on the link building. I was once tricked when I optimized one of my sites with proper SEO techniques and ranked high for a term which never got much search traffic and all my SEO efforts were wasted. This is exactly one of the reasons why people have lost faith in getting traffic from SEO and hence they have started searching for ways using which they can get traffic to their site without doing the SEO stuff. Getting traffic without SEO and getting traffic with SEO both need the same determination and are equally difficult if you do not have a good convincing article which becomes viral without much efforts. Please use the comments section to tell people about the various ways that you use to get traffic to your site without SEO.