Sunday, November 20, 2011

How To Get 100 Visitors Per Day

To get 100 visitors daily you have to do an exercise to make sure that the trick works some day. Getting 100 visitors per day is a cake walk for any webmaster. If you have a little experience with blogging and traffic 100 visitors is definitely no difficult task. There are two ways using which you can make sure that you get at lest 100 visitors per day whether you post any article or not.

The first trick includes setting up a blog. Know it or not, but, any blog with less than 250 articles is not considered to be a mature blog by Google. Alright just do this and see if this brings you 100 visitors. For one of my blog I just kept on adding up the articles till it reached 200 articles. Till date I am getting a daily visitors of 50 visitors on that blog without posting any additional articles. With ten extra articles a day on that blog I get a traffic of almost 150-200 visitors! What is even more interesting is that fact that there is no SEO on that site and all the posts written are random posts which are least related with each other!

For the lazy ones there is another very good way of getting traffic to their site. Write little quality content and do proper on-page SEO on that site and you will see that the traffic will slowly start coming. With a proper SEO strategy it is necessary that you should at least get 100 visitors per day without even touching that site. If there is a good link building background then even 80-100 posts are more than enough to get 100 visitors daily. Actually if you are a SEO expert even one single post would be more than enough to get you a traffic of daily thousand visitors. For that, you need to get to the top of Google which is definitely no child's play.

Getting 100 visitors every day is the first major breakthrough when you own a blog. Once you get that then you just need to update your blog now and then turning the hundred to thousand. The internet is all about the 10's game. Just keep on multiplying with ten till the number of visitors saturate and increase no further. That is the day when the blog is completely done, till then the fight has to continue with 100 visitors being the first aim then 1000 visitors per day and so on. Most webmasters get so depressed with the traffic results that they say quits to blogging and hankering after traffic to make money.