Friday, November 25, 2011

Comments For Webmasters

Comments is one of the best and easiest ways of getting some quick identity on the Internet. Comments should always be used properly so that the search engines and webmasters do not get annoyed with them. Comment moderation is recently introduced by Google because it is fed up with the way the comment sections were building up all over the Internet and creating a great headache to the search engine bots when they set out to search for links all over the Internet.

Facts about comments and links: The links that you get from the comments on other sites is almost a waste as they are no follow links which actually means that Google is not going to follow that link and land on your site. There are literally very few sites giving a do-follow link to the webmasters. It is only the link directories and some other sites which have enabled this feature. Getting a do follow link is very hard to find and almost impossible to get one.

Link may work only if the contents match: If the content on the page that you have linked to matches with the link to which you want to drive the bots, the search engines give you a chance. Increasing page rank has a lot of other unknown factors and secrets beneath the hood which Google will not disclose so easily. For your information: all the links on the social networking sites are no follow links. All Blogger blogs give you only no follow links in the comments section! Face this: if you do not use the comments properly, comments can decrease the traffic on your site!

If you think that your link building campaign will be successful with the links on the social networking sites, think again: this is not true. What you can be assured of is that the link does have some value but not as much as a do follow link. No link juice passes through if the site gives you no follow links through comments. Building a hundred no follow links and a few twenty do follow links are almost the same thing in fact the second one is much stronger even in this case.

How do comments help us at all? Comments exist because you want to make name and show your activity on  the Internet. Generally while doing a research on some topic you stumble upon some site and you want to give additional information to the people about the topic being discussed and hence you build links on those sites so as to tell others that you also have a blog which is also having a few topics related to the present topic and hence you would love to share that information with these guys as they are interested in it.