Monday, November 21, 2011

What Is High Quality Traffic

There are many definition for the above terms from so many fellow bloggers that you will get confused as to which is the exact definition of a high quality traffic. High traffic in general will bring all kinds of visitors to your site but high quality visitors is a different issue.

Some bloggers think that high quality traffic is that one that converts. This is true in a sense but the issue here is that why did they leave your site through the ad? The reason is because they were not satisfied with what they found there and hence they left the blog through the ad to find something much better. This is a dissatisfied audience if they have left through the contextual ad on your site and hence I will not call it high quality.

The traffic from the top three search results on Google can be called as high quality traffic but there are so many articles in the top three which are no way related to the search string that we enter into the site. The traffic coming through links to our site can be called as high quality traffic for they know what they are going to get in the next page! This is most possible high quality traffic according to me. Also if you speak of organic search results, if Google has given the right title which suits exactly the search phrase which has been targeted for by the visitor, I would call that also as high quality traffic.

Regular readers are also called as high quality traffic and I have to agree on this one for they are here to do some research and hence they are interested in your site. There are many other views over the high quality traffic. When a marketer successfully sells something online he calls his traffic as high quality traffic. In my words high quality traffic refers to that traffic which comes to your site searching for a product and gets the product through your site. And this is also a very good definition for a high quality traffic. If someone comes searching for the keyword 'high traffic' on your site and exits through an ad about 'road traffic control' it isn't a quality traffic and we all know that. the ads are kept relevant keeping in mind that the visitors are targeted to click the ads but this is sometimes not so true. leave your opinion about high quality traffic in the comments section.