Sunday, November 20, 2011

Which Social Networking Sites Bring More Traffic

We webmasters have loved the social networking sites for one main reason: free easy high traffic and that too instantaneously. Seriously speaking even one social networking site if used properly means lots and lots of traffic. The problem is that social networking sites make good traffic only when you build a network in it. The good part is if you prepare the bait properly you get lot of links and page-views and your site starts getting lot of traffic.

The rules for winning traffic here are pretty simple. Go to any social networking or social bookmarking site like Facebook, Reddit, Orkut, Digg or Stumble upon. These are the main ones which are to be updated every now and then because they give you a link which even if is a no-follow link alerts Google about the presence of your blog posts. Create a profile add a nice photo on any of the social networking or social bookmarking sites. Now go on adding friends. Some sites like Digg have a restriction on the number of friends that you can add per day or maybe even per hour so be careful or you will get banned even before you start your traffic campaign.

Once you have over a hundred friends your account goes viral and many people start following and a good network is created. Now every time you post something on your social networking site it will appear on the wall page of all you friends and they will look at the story and will definitely read it if they are interested in the topic. Next it is left on the quality of the post whether it will receive traffic or not. With social networking site like Digg there are two things that your friends can do dig it and make it available to everyone or bury it if they think that the article is not so helpful.

With social bookmarking sites one out of many links that you submit goes viral so the point lies in keeping on posting and adding the links to the social networking site till any of the posts goes viral and bring a large flow of traffic to you. When it goes viral it also brings a lot of links to your post and site thus making your site the star of the day bringing it lot of traffic and making you rich in a very short time.