Thursday, November 17, 2011

Importance Of Post Title In Optimization And Traffic

Ask any SEO expert and he will try to hide the importance of a strong page title in getting to the top organic search result in the leading search engines. It is a well known fact among the webmasters that a good and well optimized page title can work wonders in SEO and getting high traffic to your site.

What are the main factors Google considers in order to rank your post in its search results. The first and the foremost thing is the on-page optimization the most important part of which is optimizing the title of your blog post. Getting high traffic is a very easy game provided you understand the search engines pretty well. Next the off-page optimization takes place some of which is done by you and some of which automatically takes place in the form of link baiting provided that you use a proper title for your post.

The page title first tells Google about the topic which is going to be dealt with in the page below. Later the search engine will see how closely the body of the post and the title relate and match with each other. When the search engine is satisfied with the on-page optimization it is look into its database and then in its register it will fit your post into the search results for a particular set of keywords which your post and the title most exactly deal with.

It is for this sole reason that in order to get some quick traffic you need two basic things: a proper page title and a good on-page optimization. For link baiting Google also gives you a chance by jostling all the pages to the top position for every time you build a new post and notify about it to Google. Posting too often on a site is also a golden way to get some very quick and high traffic to your site. There are many golden topics which get many searches and are not yet targeted by the webmasters. Keyword research makes the webmaster take the results and target for a search term which has very little competition, but, how about targeting for something which does not have any competition at all. In such case you just need to include the title you need to target and write a post hastily and tell Google that you are here. Google will see the post title and make sure that it includes it in its search results and gives it an appropriate rank. If some keywords repeat in the post title the results could be very surprising sometimes but it makes the query a bit difficult to be typed by something in the search box as it is not so natural to think of. Try doing the title optimization and see if the traffic results improve.