Saturday, November 26, 2011

Importance Of Submitting Sitemaps | What Is The Use Of Submitting Sitemaps

Submitting sitemap is said to be a very important part of SEO. What is sitemap and what is the use of submitting the sitemap to Google? Does submitting a sitemap to Google bring us traffic: no. There are many things that a site map can do for you and your site traffic. Sitemap is like an invitation for making the Google bot follow your site and update the content on your site into its search engine regularly. Once Google comes to know that you have a very good authority website, it will start indexing all your links into its database as quickly as possible.

Generally when a site is new it is not picked up by the search engine till it does some serious link building on the Internet. Though creating great and compelling content is also another very important side of the equation, yet to make things easy it is better that we build a few links up on the Internet and let the big players get the link top our site so that they get to know that our site has content which can be promoted easily on the Internet.

There is one problem with the crawlers, they do not know how to use the blog archive properly. This also means that even if your site is visible in the drop down menu of the blog archive the crawlers do not pick up your content from there and hence most of the posts that you write do not get crawled properly. To make things worse the people at blogger have made sure that if Google thinks that your content is not original then such articles should be included in the robots.txt file and you cannot do anything about it as they will not be indexed by Google.

Hence it is necessary that you submit a file which is having a link to all the posts on your blog to Google so that it can crawl easily and rank every page on your site! Technically speaking that the load at the Google computers is so high that literally the crawlers do not have much time to spend at your site. Hence, they come try to crawl and do not bother if your site is not getting crawled properly for it has a lot of other sites to crawl. To make things easier for yourself Google lets you add your pages to it using the Sitemap so that it will be able to see all the content on your site.

Hence if you want to make sure that all your posts are playing their respective matches at Google you have to submit your sitemap to Google using the Google webmaster tools. Using a site with less 'flash and JavaScript' and also making sure that all the posts are having a link from a site which is always updated by Google in its database you can be assured that Google knows of all the posts existing on your site. Just to remind you, even if your site is very well written, Google does not understand it for an algorithm which is based on math and calculation cannot work like a perfect human brain with even with the efforts of all the artificial intelligence engineers are put together. Hence sitemaps are very essential to get all your posts properly indexed by Google.