Thursday, November 17, 2011

Is Keyword Optimization Trick Still Working

In early days the webmasters had started over-stuffing their web-pages with their primary and secondary keywords (I call it keyword optimization) and dominate Google. The big part of the game is that the old trick is working even today provided you do not play black-hat tricks with Google or do some over-stuffing of keywords in your post.

There is a simple keyword trick which if done properly can bring amazing results in a few minutes. It is very important to get Google-bot to come to your site and index your pages quickly which can be done by uploading a few posts as quickly as possible. One the robot comes to know that the server is running with some hot and juicy webpage to serve the game is just yours.

There are black-hatters who play this simple trick. They create two web-pages on with over-stuffed keywords and the other with the actual content that they want to show to their users. Next they use some soft-wares and show the keyword stuffed page to Google and the actual content page to the users thus keeping both of them happy.

The real part of the game is keyword optimization works at its best even today. There is certain percentage of keywords which the SEO experts work with and experiment and conclude to work the trick. The percentage is unknown but the fact that the trick works is real and works with many people even today. Give the keyword optimization trick a try and see how much traffic success you get with it.