Monday, November 21, 2011

Traffic From Organic Search

Getting traffic from organic search results is not as easy as we think. On the other hand there are webmasters who also claim that it is not as hard as we think it is. Dominating the organic search results is possible but it needs a good strategy and a power SEO expert to push things faster without getting banned by Google.It is true that the traffic from organic search results is good high quality traffic which will make you money but getting to the first page of Google definitely pisses one out if he is not able to do it.

The competition is very tough with so many blogs out there. It is really difficult to reach to the top if the organic search results. On the other hand it is definitely not impossible to get to the top of Google. There are two things necessary to get to the top of Google: good content and good number of links coming from high quality sites which are anyway possible if you put some efforts into it. Using keywords properly can be a very promising traffic bringing trap thrown at the search engines.

A proper blog should have at least 250 posts in it. Small or big is not the question. You need 250 good quality posts to make some impression about your blogging passion. Till then it makes no sense in looking at the traffic statistics. There are expert bloggers out there who write even up to fifty posts per day. And with this they have built almost around thirty blogs of different niches and are getting traffic from all those sites. Also on other hand there are a few people who have a single blog with so many articles in it that Google wont mind even if there were a broken link in their site!

Next thing is link building. If you don't know it, read about things using which you can get some quick high quality links. If you wanna keep link building out then you will never get success in this field. Not just that but you also do not belong to the blogging field. If you cannot do it better outsource it. With a proper SEO expert you can dominate any domain of your choice within a week. 40 proper links from high PR sites can put all your competitors behind.

Dominating the organic search results is not a difficult job provided you know SEO and the various things on the basis of which Google includes you or excludes you from the first page of the organic results. For applying SEO to your site you should at least have a proper site with enough content on it. Till then any effort is just waste. Use the comments section to speak of other traffic tricks you use to get some quick traffic from Google.