Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Traffic From Feeds

Blog feeds have become a very popular way of getting loyal visitors to your site. There are many ways that you could set up your blog feeds and make it easier for your audience to  follow you every time you post something new in your blog. If you are on blogger it is very easy for you to have your feeds ready and going so that you can get traffic from the feeds and that your loyal visitors can keep a track of everything which is going on at your blog.

The most popular type of feeds for the blogger community are the RSS feeds which are very simple to configure and use. Whenever someone asks you for the blog feeds just type your URL followed by the /RSS.xml and you will see the live feeds of your blog which  will be showing you the live feeds of your blog. But, where do you get the visitors for this. This is also very easy!

Go to feedburner and sign in using your blogger account/Google account. Follow the steps and you will be having your feeds ready for the loyal readers who want to read your blogs. Feeds look very good and give a broad detail of your site in a very short space. Feeds are fun for they will keep you updated with the latest happening at your favorite blogs and will also bring you loyal visitors who will keep on visiting your blog everyday. Feeds are a very good way of getting some real traffic to your site and are used by many webmasters to reach out to people who love their blogs a lot and who do not want to miss a single post on their blog.