Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Why Is My Blog Not Making Me Money

Why is your blog not yet making you money? There are many reasons but the true reason is: your blog is not yet complete. Writing a few posts and getting a few unique visitors is something which even a normal kid can do if taught to do so. There are many websites put there which publish blogs of note or blog of the day. Till your blog reaches there you cannot claim to have a complete blog. You are having an incomplete blog and hence you are not being able to make money out of it.

How do the SEO experts do it? They never bother about the money. They will build the blog completely do the SEO and then they will let the search engine bring traffic to their site. The money making process is the last in their list. Blogs which make money even without getting updated do exist but they are the outcome of sheer hard work or sheer luck both of which are extremely necessary for building a high quality blog which will make you money.

Where is the traffic? This is the main reason why you are not making money online. People having a couple thousands of unique visitors are the ones who can at least think of making some money. On average a blog gets around a few dollars for every thousand visitors coming to it. With such a competition do you think that you are fit for the race. If not either gear up or leave it. There is no shortcut for success at least in this case.

Is the SEO good? Have you done the SEO part yourself or have you let someone else do the SEO part for you? If somebody else has done the SEO for your site then it is better that you take a look into what he has done for you. According to me the best way of making sure that the SEO of your site is running smoothly it is best to be done by after all it is not so difficult to learn.

Are there bloggers who get money success within a month? There are people who definitely get their success within a month. they are blogging experts and know the in and out of the SEO technology and the search engines. An expert blogger can write nearly 35-45 posts per day! If you are slow, your blog will also move slowly. If you are fast, the blog will also move pretty fast. Know it or not but there are many posts which just come first in the search engines for some search term.

Where are the ads? Ad placement is also one of the most important factor to be taken into consideration. Do some research and see which ad works best at what place. It is best to have targeted ads on your page. If you are not getting targeted ads then better change the ad program that you are using. Do some research on the behavior of your blog visitors and you will know how a few changes will create changes in the income from your blog.

Getting targeted traffic is the most important point when it comes to making some money from your blog. It is very necessary that you should be an expert in the blog industry and should have such a brain that even a new blog should stand in the middle of the crowd and attract the attention of the search engines. It is the visitors who come to your blog who have everything in their hands. You just need to help them come to your site and the rest is taken care of by them. Earning from your blog is very easy if you are getting good traffic to your blog everyday. One more suggestion is to increase the number of blogs so that the number of pages will increase and your chances of earning from your blog will also increase.