Friday, November 18, 2011

How Do SEO Experts Get High Traffic

When someone says SEO expert and high traffic remember that they are speaking about a team. If there is any way using which one becomes an overnight success it has to be black-hatting or some software which works the traffic trick. There are many such softwares out there suiting the needs of different webmasters. There are definitely many ways using which quick traffic can be easily obtained, it is just that a single person will always find himself helpless unless he has a team which works on different parts to improve the SEO and see the traffic statistics.

One of the best ways to get high traffic is to have a site which is updated too often. For this there are three softwares being used by the ugly guys. One of the softwares scrapes useful related content off the web. The other modifies its words and replaces it with synonyms and the third part rectifies the grammar of the post. This is an auto-pilot system where the software does all the work and the webmaster earns money and enjoys the high traffic. Most SEO experts have writers hired to upload content often on their sites. There are a few companies which create a blog create many niche sections in it and hire the housewives for writing articles thus getting high traffic and giving some income to the moms.

There is one more method with which your site will run very high on drugs and get a blast of instantaneous traffic: off-page optimization and link building. If you get a tremendous source for building links there is no one on this earth to put you behind. Every SEO expert knows that Google is hungry for sites which have too many links pointing towards it. Such sites are considered to be authority sites by Google and are respected so much by the bots that they are visited every fifteen minutes by the Google bots. The content is king formula definitely never fails. Once Google comes to know that there is some site on this earth which is getting updated too often Google will bend its head down and will have to keep on visiting your site too often thus giving you a very high traffic in a very short time.

The best way to get very high traffic which is recommended by the webmasters is the come first in Google trick. Do whatever you want to. Kill someone rob someone do anything to come first on Google. Once you come somewhere among the first three results just sit back and enjoy the traffic flow and the incoming dollars! This is a very good and permanent way of coming first on Google. People doing this are very rare but are real SEO killer experts who know the in and out of SEO. They will do anything possible to get high traffic by coming first on Google. Generally they have a team of guys who do link building constantly and get the post to the top of Google. With fifteen guys the time taken to bring a post to the top of Google is just fifteen minutes! That is called team work and the traffic results have to shoot because now they are dominating Google search results.