Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Can On-Page Optimization Bring Traffic

On-page optimization is the easiest way to optimize your blog and to get some smooth traffic flowing to your site for a longer time. The question is how effective is on-page optimization in bringing traffic to your blog? On-page optimization might be a long time factor and if used properly can definitely bring some decent traffic to your site which is far more better than sites not having proper on-page optimization.

Google may claim anything but what it says in most of the cases is far away from the truth. We all know that the Google algorithm is not perfect. That is where the experts use Google to drive high traffic to their sites. And one of the biggest truth on this earth is that traffic getting webmasters are least bothered about the on-page optimization factors. Does that render on-page optimization useless? After all they are getting traffic even after neglecting so many on-page optimization things.

There are two truths that you need to know: on-page optimization brings traffic, off-page optimization rules Google. Google loves back-links and several other off-page stuff. Google believes that off-page optimization is an outcome of what the people all around the web. A site gets a few quick links Google thinks it is a very great site. Google is an algorithm and does not understand much of human intelligence so it depends on human intelligence to give weight-age to a web-page and rank it in its database. The only on-page optimization parameter that matters at all to Google is the keyword density and the various on-page factors that you use to tell Google what you page is actually about.

On-page optimization is effective in bringing traffic but it also has many drawbacks. One of the biggest drawback is that it does not have much hold on Google and can in no way tell Google about the quality of the page. The quality of the page is determined by the off-page optimization factors. The most important factor that Google takes into account before judging any article is the number of links pointing towards it. Hence it is the links which are solely responsible for bringing higher traffic to your site and not the on-page optimization factors.