Thursday, November 24, 2011

How Many Posts Are Needed To Bring High Traffic

When it comes to writing posts and getting traffic, people always get confused and think how many posts is too many posts to get some permanent traffic to the blog. The sad point is that a blog knows only a beginning, it does not know any end. The posts just need to keep on coming in and so should the traffic. Certain parts of SEO are to be taken into consideration to defina a complete blog.

According to Google any site which has anything less than 250 posts is considered to be yet under construction site. There is also a general thumb rule in SEO: greater the number of posts on your site, greater is the chance that you can win over your competition. A great number of posts on a blog also means that the blog is stuffed with sufficient inforation and is a knowledge storehouse where everything related to the searched topic is available.

Having a large number of posts is a very important part of SEO. As you eat everyday as you sleep everyday you also need to post everyday something or the other to the blog. Even if you do not do link building home work Google does not mind it much. But the one thing which matters a lot is how often is your blog updated. The greater the frequency of posting articles on the blog the greater are the chcances that the search engines will realize your blog to be updated with the latest updates in the concerned niche.

If you really want to see a blog with proper content and is a perfect example of a well optimized blog with proper SEO content and also drives good traffic to it, take a look at MattCutts blog which has a lot of posts posted on it. most of the successful webmasters have almost over a thousand posts on their blog. Generally people are of the opinion: if one post gets tem impressions per day, ten such posts will get you hundred imoressions per day. But everypost is not so lucky and hence you need to keep on writing till you find such posts which will get traffic and also go viral on the web attracting a huge number of links. I have seen a site with 1000 posts which were not well written and yet the guy was making good money!