Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Google Changes Its Algorithm

With the new Google algorithm it will be the fresh content which will be sold out like hot cakes according to Google. In fact Google also claims that the new change in its algorithm is going to affect at least 35% of its search results. This definitely will bring a great change in the lives of the people and will also make the webmasters a bit worried.

Anything may change in the Google world, one thing will never change its love for the links. As long as you are having links pointing to your site Google will have no other option but to keep you on top of its results. Even if the change has come into effect there are not many webmasters who have claimed many changes n their traffic statistics.

The actual change will take place in the live world. Which actually means that Google will change the search results of certain specific searches which always keep on getting updated. Stock market, football matches, cricket matches have so many rapid changes going on. So Google has finally decided that it is going to put up a site with the latest results whenever a person searches for these terms. So all that people have to do now is type cricket and all the sites which are updating the current status of the matches will be on the top of the Google page.

This is a very good change Google has brought forth in its algorithms and is also going to change the life of a few webmasters whose blogs and sites are concerned with the dynamic changing fields. Do comment on how you feel the latest algorithm change brought forth by Google will affect the life of us webmasters and whether it will have a serious impact on our site traffic.