Thursday, December 22, 2011

Google Panda Effect | Getting Google Traffic After Panda Update

Google Panda effect and traffic change

Google Panda's effect on traffic has been feared by many webmasters. Google Panda has created havoc up to such an extent that many webmasters are thinking that it has changed all the SEO ranking factors of Google. Google Panda is a major change in the Google algorithm and has changed the way Google worked a few months ago. If Panda was really so harsh then why are the traffic guys and SEO experts still successfully getting high traffic irrespective of the changes made by Google in its algorithm.

Google Page Rank still exists!

Google Panda is not a completely different algorithm. Google still has the page-rank concept. Google became popular because of its page-rank concept and hence it is a trademark of the Google search engine. But the truth of the trade is: Google or any other major search engine has to give preference to links for determining the authority of any website. There are still many weaknesses that Google has despite its Panda update which it claims will change the way internet worked till today.

Google's Panda has artificial intelligence:

What has really changed with the Google Panda is the ways things work at the human level. A search engine understands only maths according to the SEO experts: Google Panda is a step ahead: it has some artificial intelligence simulation codes. Google Panda has a different math. It is the high scorer who ranks high and this fact can never be changed. Google Panda is still an algorithm and it can also be be-fooled very easily.

What is the artificial intelligence part of Google Panda? We know that Google checked for so many things before ranking us in their search engine. With Google Panda Google will now see the human behavior of people visiting a website. Let us say that many people search for some term on Google and there are many sites which are giving useless content: Google Panda will bring all the junk content down by seeing the amount of time the visitors will be spending on the blog.

Google Panda is more about the human behavior than the links part. The bitter part of the fact that we have to face is that Google still asks for links in order to rank your site high in its search engine. Once you reach the top it is the job of Google Panda part to decide whether you should stay there for a longer time or not. Sites that were frequently updated used to get a traffic boost with every new post they posted on their blog.

Google SEO rules are working well

Google Panda is something very different but the SEO factors never change: add fresh content, build links and so many other things which we normally did to get good high traffic to our bog is working even today. Article marketing is not dead, there are still so many article marketers who are exploiting Google even today. Google Panda would definitely like to see one more thing: lot of content on your site. What Google Panda has best done till date is: it has punished webmasters for adding duplicate content on their site.

Google Panda was a very necessary update for Google in order to reach its goal. But with so many webmasters fighting in the trade the winners will always stay winners. The more tight the filters of Google become it is the poor newbies who suffer and not the guys who have been playing the Google domination tricks since a long time. There is one more interesting update to the Google algorithm which will love to see only fresh content. Most of the sites blogging about sports, socks, etc. which change too often need an updated result every time and hence Google added this feature along with its Panda algorithm.

Google Panda effect on fresh content blogs

Google's Panda loves content and not thin bamboo twigs! Despite the Panda update Google has to love content. Google has always respected content and Google Panda has no side-effect on this fact. Google Panda loves sites with good original content added to it all the time. Google Panda algorithm is making sites like Digg and Facebook rank higher in the search engines because they are updated too often. Google has said only one SEO technique to the whole world: good quality content. Google Panda's effect on the link building part has to be appreciated though. The earlier methods of link building and coming to the top of Google search results is no longer working now. Google Panda effect on traffic and SEO has made all the software developers and webmasters involved to create new database of links which are not busted by Google and are pretty new. Google Panda is demanding lots and lots of fresh content to show your blog some real high quick traffic!

Is Article Marketing Dead

Article marketing is dead is the talk of the day. The fact is: those who have not tried article marketing are saying these things! Article marketing never died and it never will die. It lived, is living and it always will live. Article marketing is boring hence it is outsourced by many webmasters. Article marketing is a very important SEO technique which when followed properly can make you a master of the trade.

With the Panda update webmasters think that Google has changed. Google never changes even with its algorithms. Sites with quality content will always rank high. The trick is that article marketing is not so simple as submitting a single article to multiple article directories. If you want thousands of visitor it makes no sense in saying that people should simply come to your site because it is your site. You have to work hard for it. You have to fight the battle with almost a million webmasters every time you write a new article on your blog.

Article marketing is not about writing an article and submitting it to hundreds of article directories. Google is interested in original articles. As most of the articles on the article directories were fake articles, Google never bothered ranking high in its search results. This proves the fact that Google has nothing to do with the Google PR which the SEO experts boast about. If Google PR was so important then sites like Squidoo would rank high for every article they had on their high PR site.

Link juice is passed to your articles only through the article directories which make it possible for you to optimize your blog and rank high for every term on the internet. There is no other link building method as effective as the article marketing method. Forty links from forty article directories made me rank high for a niche which I have not lost till now. Article marketing can never be dead. Honestly speaking article marketing is so far the most effective marketing method to get to the first page of Google.

A well equipped article marketer is like a one man army and this fact cannot be challenged. If there is any competition that I would be afraid of, it has to be a great article marketer. The power of article marketing can only and only be felt if you know how to write unique articles. Writing articles fast and quick is a very different art and is worth to be learned if you want to be a successful internet marketer. Google still loves Ezine articles and there are many webmasters who are still witnessing this fact even after the recent Google Panda update. Article marketing will never die. Feel free to give your feedback about article marketing in the comments section.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How To Get Regular Visitors

Getting regular visitors is a must have for getting success in the blogging field. Getting regular visitors needs a convincing language and a great blog which is so interactive that the reader should get the feeling that the blogger is sitting right in front of him and explaining things step-by-step in great detail. This is quite difficult if you are a newbie blogger. When the traffic from the search engine stops it is the regular visitors who save your blog and give you inspiration for writing further thus supporting you and your blog with regular daily traffic which you need not worry about.

Getting daily regular visitors to your blog requires you to have a focused mind. You need to be sharp to give your readers all that they possibly could expect from your blog. To build regular visitors you need to have a blog which is something more than special. It takes a little bit of brain work to build regular visitors to your site. The trick is to give your visitors something different and much interesting every time they come to your blog.

What is the use of a blog if it is not updated regularly. Do not let your blog die: keep frequently updating the content of your blog. Posting content often on your site or blog is a very good way to get quick links to your site from sites which love live blogs which keep on updating their content too often. There are many blog directories which give you link after seeing how active your site is on the internet!

Your blog needs to be interactive or else it simply is not capable of being called a blog. Blogging for success is a secondary mission. Blogging for fun and education is the right way to create a blog which can attract regular visitors. A teacher is also a learner in the same way a Blogger should be ready to go all around the web collecting information and updating the same on his blog. People always love to read something new. And that is what a blogger should be willing to do: give them new information.

Generally it has been observed that the 'how to' blogs and posts get pretty high traffic as the search engines and the regular readers tend to use it a lot in their search queries. Blogs are a great source of information which is very easily available to the readers. This is one reason why people turn to blogs whenever they need any information on the web.

Blogs are like dictionaries: search anything and it is explained in a few sentences! Keeping you blog posts short is also important so that you readers can stay on your blog for a long time. Not just that but they will also be able to go through other related content very quickly thus giving you a good CTR and also giving you a good database of regular blog visitors.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Various Factors Google Considers Before Ranking Your Blog Or Webpage

There are many factors Google takes into consideration before ranking your blog in its search results. Of all these factors, keywords, links and the age of your site play a major and important role. Google probably uses the concept of fuzzy logic and comes to a final number after calculating all the major factors which it needs to consider before ranking a site or a webpage in its search results. Here is a list of all the factors I have discovered so far which Google checks for at your blog.

  1. Age Of you blog. We all know that older blogs are considered to be more mature by Google. Even if they do not get updated Google constantly sends traffic to them even if they have less PR.
  2. On-page optimization factors: how many keywords you have used, your title, your post body, the URL of the post and also the main title of your blog.
  3. Off-page optimization factors: how many links are pointing to your site. Human behavior of the visitors of your blog. Though link building is not working it still allows you to safely upload links to your recent post to be updated on 3-4 social bookmarking sites.
  4. How much time your visitor spends on your blog. That is what Google says but I do not find this having a major impact on many sites' Google traffic.
  5. The reaction of the visitor after they reach your site: do they click ads or do they click other links to find more information or if they have stopped searching and are finding your site to be a site of authority.
  6. Did the visitor bounce back to the Google results to search for more information? Google wants to see if your blog post has quenched the thirst for information that its visitor had. If that is not the case, Google considers that your post still has to improve.
  7. This is an important one: the Google Page Rank of your site. After all, Google became well established because of its Page Rank concept which will decide whether a site is an authority site or not.
  8. How often is the content of your blog changing? The more the content gets uploaded the more Google will start searching for your site.
  9. Original high quality content. I always wondered why Matt Cutts used to write posts about growing beard and doing different things in the next 30 days! The reason is: that is original content. It might have nothing to do with his blog but he knows that no other intelligent fool is doing the same thing.
  10. The authority of the sites which are linking to your main page. The Google PR of the sites linking to you.
  11. The number of links on the indexed page and the number of indexed pages of your site.
  12. How frequently are the links coming to your site. A few years back a few links were sufficient to get some Google traffic. It is not so at least in the present situation.
  13. The total number of posts on your site.
  14. How good is the linking structure of your site.
  15. How good is the navigation of your site and how far the home page is from every other page on your site.
  16. Do you have labels on your site? This is considered to be a good way of systematically arranging the data of your site.
  17. How long has the post been existing in its database. This is very important, old posts can be called as mature and can be trusted to be having good high quality content.
  18. Have you given links to other useful sites in your niche?
  19. Your geographical location and also the location of the visitors of your site!
  20. How many ads you have on your page and so on.
  21. The sitemap of your blog.
That is not all there are at least a few hundred more. Google also tracks the various others traffic sources from where you site gets traffic! How active are you in your blogging community? Have you commented on other blogs? Not just that but Google also wants to see your social network of friends on the social networking sites! With a decade of emancipation and evolution the algorithm has got smarter than before and of course not to forget the fact the now Google wants AI (artificial intelligence) to be simulated in its algorithm so that the robot behaves more like a human being and gives more accurate results. List out the other factors that you think Google considers before ranking your site in the comments section.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

I Have Quality Content Yet No Traffic Why

Your blog is having high quality content and yet it does not have traffic, ever wondered why? Good content according to humans and good content according to Google has a very big difference. Google always loves hot and fresh news. It does not like to read the same topic twice. And that is what happens: we say we write high quality unique content yet Google does not look at it in the same manner.

To humans anything with some new information is unique content. To Google a topic which does not have repeating keywords is high content. Two posts may look very different from the human intelligence point of view. Google is an AI or an artificial intelligence simulation program which is built using only math and algorithm. Hence Google has presently used the +1 button to see what humans think about the site they have entered.

This is what happens when Google sees two topics: main keyword of the site, primary keyword of the topic and the secondary keyword of the topic. Maximum matching found: this is a duplicate (that is what Google says)? Next Google will see which one is written first and finally Google will see which one has maximum links pointing towards it. And trust me all this happens and then the algorithm sees the human behavior which includes time on site, bounce rate and a lot of horrible things which we have no control over. And of-course the on-page optimization factors also play a very great part which can impress Google.

Finally when all these tests are passed by your site it decides whether your site should be included on the first few pages of its algorithm. Honestly speaking, you are somewhere if you are on the first 100 results. Else you are nowhere and there is no way you will get to the top at least with the present site that you are working on. Hence, to Google it is all points basis for determining which site should get to the top of Google. The higher marks you get the higher will be your rank: simple high school method of deciding which kid is smart and has original ideas and which kid is copying and trying to pass the examination with better marks!

Why Am I Not Getting Traffic Yet?

Why are you still away from traffic success. Getting high traffic is not as easy as it was a few years before. Google has changed it algorithm and has definitely made it much difficult for webmasters to get high traffic easily. After all almost every neighbor has a blog today. Blogger blogs have been very famous for their simple outlook and easy to build features. In fact it is so good at it that even a novice on the road person can build a blog today very easily.

Blogs need to keep changing all the time. It is very difficult to have a blog with a few pages blindly put up expecting traffic. Coming on the first three organic results is very essential if you want to get some serious traffic. Once you are on the top for a search phrase you will get the traffic part slowly slowly. There are many reasons why you do not get much traffic to your site:

  1. Newly built site takes at least six months to well establish itself. If your site is new you need to wait.
  2. There might not be sufficient links pointing to your site. Even if you have a few links, they may be NoFollow links which are not passing link juice.
  3. Google PR never decides the traffic or the Google ranking of your site. I can prove that if you want. There are many bloggers having a PR 0 site showing up in the top three positions on Google.
  4. SEO is definitely one thing which can never be overlooked if you are not getting traffic. Some say it is very easy some say it is difficult. The fact is if you are smart it is easy. On-page optimization itself eats up so much time and hell even if you get the on-page elements right there is still a lot more to do to get the post to the top position on Google.
  5. People might not be sticking to your site. If there are visitors who stay for a few minutes on your site and also increase the CTR of your site Google will have to respect this fact and give you a good standing in its database. Human behavior is always checked by Google robots. If the visitors are doing good your site will also do good.
  6. Duplicate content is one reason why sites do not rank well. Let me tell you even if you have written a site all by yourself Google does not know that: it understands primary, secondary and tertiary keywords if they  match you are out of the top three.
  7. You might be giving link to a site which is not a good neighbor. Link only to those sites which belong to your category.
  8. Read Matt Cutts blog. There is nothing too special on it and yet it gets great traffic: original content is what played the trick in his case.
  9. You site might not yet be complete. Complete your site first and then look for bringing traffic. There are many bloggers with 500 posts on their blog. Break the gate with 1000 posts and the traffic will have to flow.
There is no secret for blogging. If you are searching for secrets you are wasting time. Help others with your blog by giving high quality information for free. That is why people love blog and that is why blog are still running and getting high traffic. Links are very important to get high traffic. Even then it is content which is more important than anything else. Good content has to get good traffic, and there are many who have felt this and also seen this coming true. If you can think of any other way for getting high traffic you are welcome to use the comments section.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Google Traffic Not Coming

Many bloggers might have observed a change in some behavior related with the search engines. With new copied content Google will not bring traffic to your site. The previous sentence was true but not completely true. Google gives us all a hint and then it is not bothered to see what the webmasters are doing. There is a new task to get traffic from the Google organic search.

Recently there has been a very good change implemented by Google in its algorithm: no high ranking be given to two people writing the same content. So all you webmasters out there who have scraped content off the internet Google is not going to turn back to take a look at you. Google wants original content meaning a site which has topics which no other site has and which is unique from top to the bottom.

Google is bent upon punishing the criminals but the innocent may also be put behind the bars in the same process. This has happened many a time with many people and hence they all say: we don't want Google! Google just tries to get better which is a real pain for the webmasters as they cannot live up to the sudden changes taking place in the Google algorithms. The best part Google never speaks what is happening behind the bars. It is clear: Google wants only content now: good high quality unique content. If you do not have original brain find something else.

There is one thing too common in the search engine market: Google changes something, all others search engines follow. But not on this one: Google is best at this with so many Engineers struggling to make the web a better place. Long time bloggers are always winning their tortoise races. There are so many new things which the webmasters write and they are now getting the reward for what they have done so far. Let us hope that at least now the SEO heat will come down.

DoFollow And NoFollow

What is the great difference between this DoFollow and NoFollow links? There are a few technical things I will be dealing with in this post to make a clear difference between DoFollow and NoFollow links. When the whole web was cluttered with links that people did not want to publish in their comments section Google came with the reliability of links issue and brought a solution to the above problem through a simple HTML code which stated the reliability of a link as DoFollow and NoFollow.

Coming to the technical part. After years of SEO research I have found that both the DoFollow and NoFollow links have their own place to stay on the web. You want your links to be all around the web for the purpose of publicity. A blog is a medium of building a network of people with similar interests and a blog has some meaning when it has links in it to make the post interactive. But a link is also a vote and you should not be forced to vote someone. If I give a DoFollow to a site which is crooked with Google I will also fall in the same gutter and get myself dirty. Technically speaking the difference between the two is that one passes link juice the other does not. That is do links give you PR boost and no links don't.

Hence to keep yourself clean you need to use the NoFollow attribute so that no one drags you down into the dirty dungeons. A blog is worth a lifetime and getting it killed is like killing yourself for no valid reason.  Hence it is very difficult to get DoFollow links anywhere on the web. Only outdated sites which are still getting traffic may give one. There are many webmasters who are searching for the links passing the juice but they are very hard to find with so much of fuss going on about DoFollow and NoFollow.

Friday, December 2, 2011

How To Use Google Analytics To Get Traffic

What is the use of Google Analytics: it is free and it is very helpful in bringing traffic to your site. There are many things in Google Analytics which when seen properly give you a proper insight into what will work best for your blog in getting targeted traffic. The main reason why people use Google Analytics is because it is built by Google which has the largest web traffic among all the search engines of the world. There are a few issues with Google Analytics some of which are fixed and some not yet when it comes to SEO and building the site traffic through the search engine rankings this mighty King rules. Let me remind you that Google Analytics is used by almost around 80% of the webmasters population including some great sites like our favorite Twitter. Google Analytics when combined with the results of Google Webmaster Tools can help you a lot with the SEO of your site and help you to get some very good traffic from the search engines.

What is the use of Google Analytics: after all, all the traffic reports I see on it look fake and unreal. It is not also real time traffic that it shows to me: even then why Google Analytics. Believe it or not, Google Analytics is seldom used to take a look at the visitors coming to your site. Instead many webmasters use it to track where the traffic is coming from. To add to the tensions of the Bloggers the Analytics report never includes the crawlers coming to your site in its traffic report and hence it kind of assures you that all the visitors that it is showing are the real human visitors that are coming to your site! But, there is a lot more to this useful piece of software which is very clever and when used cleverly can make you the search engine traffic king!

Google as we all know gives a lot of free services so that it can keep a track of all its customers and their behavior on the sites of the webmasters. It just wants to see what works on the web, what is the favorite of the people on the web, what are people searching for, and, who are the ones who are giving people what they actually want: information and entertainment. Google Analytics is not a simple HTML code: if you have some idea about programming the code of Google Analytics is a JavaScript code and this code works very different from a simple piece of HTML code. If you put Analytics on your site and load the site you will be able to see the rapport going on with Google in the background which is making your pages load slowly. This is probably one issue which troubles the webmasters because people with slower internet connections do not have that patience and hence they lose some traffic due to this fact. Even then people do keep Google Analytics on their site because it is free and it has a lot of information given on it which the webmasters needs.

We all know how hard it is to get some traffic from the search engines if not much: here is where Google Analytics comes into play. No wonder other traffic trackers can also do that but this one is exceptionally special for it comes directly from Google. It is not necessary that if you are not getting traffic from the search engines then you are not getting any traffic at all! Even then the traffic from search engines is special because people here get what they wanted by putting a search phrase up and telling Google to fetch the results. There are people who may claim that Google uses this data for improving its search results but hey, who cares after all we are getting a top class software for free! There are a few things in Google Analytics which when pondered over tells you about your site performance and also tells you about your site competition.

The search traffic and the search keywords used by your visitors to get to your site is accurately shown by the search engines. Recently Google Analytics gave me a report that someone was searching for my URL in its search index: could be a competitor trying to see my SEO status or the links to my site or anything. but, I at least know that someone is watching my back. The other useful part is that you know the strength of your blog as Google Analytics tells you what according to Google are the main primary keywords of your blog. This also tells you the search phrases for which your site will rank tremendously high. To me this is a very useful information to get initial traffic to my site. Once the blog reaches a certain level, then whatever you do will come on the first page of Google: and I have seen this in my research. Google Analytics tells you all that Google thinks about your site and hence we can say that Google has leaked the traffic secret of every site in the Google Analytics report of that site.

Google Analytics also gives you a report of the different countries from where people came to your blog and also the operating systems and the browsers they used to get to your blog. With every SEO technique implemented you should find the reflection of the thoughts of Mr. Google in Google Analytics. This tool has been very helpful to me in my SEO research and has proved things on the practical platform. Every powerful SEO geek will always check these two sites before thinking of bringing changes in his SEO strategy: Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. Though the sites are different they both combine to give your site or blog a strong SEO foundation and a solid traffic gaining idea. According to my experience it is not the book-worm which wins the traffic race, it needs a practical brain and a good sound subjective knowledge which wins in getting the high traffic. Books give you the idea and Google Analytics gives you the practical application part. Google Analytics is a very good traffic analysis tool.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

How To Get Traffic Without SEO

Getting high traffic without SEO requires a different traffic building technique which is not so difficult to achieve. There are so many things in SEO that many webmasters are now looking forth for finding ways using which they can get some quick traffic to their site without all the SEO business. Getting traffic without SEO clearly points to one thing: the source of traffic will not be the search engines. You are looking for getting traffic without SEO because SEO did not help you in coming to the top page of Google or either because you find SEO too difficult to follow.

There however is one very good method using which you can get some good high traffic to your site using the search engine without doing any of the SEO stuff, is there? There is and the technique is to write and write and write and write a lot of articles. Getting high traffic with a few posts sounds great no doubt but that demands a good SEO profile and a clean page which is absolutely Google friendly. To tell you the truth many successful blogs are just successful because of their content and no because of their SEO. To put a lot of content into play you need writers or do the writing yourself. The only thing is that the quality of the content should never die. The more you update the content of your blog the more will Google come searching for the updates and the higher will be the traffic you will get from the search engines.

Google has presently changed its algorithm in such a way that it will put sites with fresh content on the top of Google organic search. But hey, can you write so much as to outdo a blog which is handled by a couple of writers? No you can't unless you are some kind of a literature expert so that you have something always stuffed in your mind to throw it on your blog. People want serious information filled high quality content to read. You can play with Google but not with the visitors of your blog. They need you to know something and they turn to the web to get some information and they land to your site to find some serious important information. If you give it to them once they will return to your site time and again. So original high quality content is definitely the best possible way of getting high traffic to your site even without the SEO efforts put into it.

Social networking sites are a very good source of bringing some good high traffic to your site without any SEO efforts. Many people get confused and start using all the available social networking sites to try and get some traffic from all the sites. The fact is that you need only one social networking site to get the necessary traffic that you need to your site. If you are bad at SEO or if you hate SEO you have no other way out but to use this way to get to the targeted visitors who are searching for information on the web. Why social networking sites: because next to the search engines they are the ones which are having some very serious traffic on the web. Every social networking site has millions if not thousands of millions of visitors in its database. To give you a quick start I would recommend Facebook or Twitter go to any of the two sites, create an account, add friends, throw link, comment on other members content, again add friends and keep on alerting everyone of the changes on your blog. Here the only way of promoting your blog is the content quality and the information that you are giving.

There is definitely one more method for getting good high traffic to your blog without SEO: article directories. For every article you write on your blog you need to use the article directories and submit articles to them with the link of your site beneath the article. This will give you ten to fifty page-views on the very first day. If the article ranks first on the organic search results (which actually they never do I will tell you why) you will be lucky to get traffic extracts to your site every time somebody reads your article. Many serious bloggers never stick to this technique for two reasons: 1. It takes time and is boring 2. Why write for others? Coming to the part why the articles do not rank well in the search engines. A typical article directory will have at least fifty posts to be posted in it every hour if it is very popular. They are not bothered about SEO for they have lot of content and lot of readers who want original content on their site which they will be searching for in the article directories. In order to avoid getting bad impressions from search engines and the readers as well the article directories have a specific set of rules which their algorithm checks for. The minus point is that the search engines will not ever clearly understand what the post is about unless it gives importance only to the title in such cases. Hence this is also a good technique to get some extra traffic and links from the web.

One of the main reasons why people search for ways that they can get traffic from without doing SEO is because they do not know how to get links which is the toughest part of SEO. SEO consists of so many on-page optimization factors which if taken care of properly will get you only half way through to the goal of coming first in the top organic search results. The remaining fifty percent depends on the link building. I was once tricked when I optimized one of my sites with proper SEO techniques and ranked high for a term which never got much search traffic and all my SEO efforts were wasted. This is exactly one of the reasons why people have lost faith in getting traffic from SEO and hence they have started searching for ways using which they can get traffic to their site without doing the SEO stuff. Getting traffic without SEO and getting traffic with SEO both need the same determination and are equally difficult if you do not have a good convincing article which becomes viral without much efforts. Please use the comments section to tell people about the various ways that you use to get traffic to your site without SEO.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Can On-Page Optimization Bring Traffic

On-page optimization is the easiest way to optimize your blog and to get some smooth traffic flowing to your site for a longer time. The question is how effective is on-page optimization in bringing traffic to your blog? On-page optimization might be a long time factor and if used properly can definitely bring some decent traffic to your site which is far more better than sites not having proper on-page optimization.

Google may claim anything but what it says in most of the cases is far away from the truth. We all know that the Google algorithm is not perfect. That is where the experts use Google to drive high traffic to their sites. And one of the biggest truth on this earth is that traffic getting webmasters are least bothered about the on-page optimization factors. Does that render on-page optimization useless? After all they are getting traffic even after neglecting so many on-page optimization things.

There are two truths that you need to know: on-page optimization brings traffic, off-page optimization rules Google. Google loves back-links and several other off-page stuff. Google believes that off-page optimization is an outcome of what the people all around the web. A site gets a few quick links Google thinks it is a very great site. Google is an algorithm and does not understand much of human intelligence so it depends on human intelligence to give weight-age to a web-page and rank it in its database. The only on-page optimization parameter that matters at all to Google is the keyword density and the various on-page factors that you use to tell Google what you page is actually about.

On-page optimization is effective in bringing traffic but it also has many drawbacks. One of the biggest drawback is that it does not have much hold on Google and can in no way tell Google about the quality of the page. The quality of the page is determined by the off-page optimization factors. The most important factor that Google takes into account before judging any article is the number of links pointing towards it. Hence it is the links which are solely responsible for bringing higher traffic to your site and not the on-page optimization factors.

Using Images To Get Traffic

If you have used images on your site you might have seen traffic coming to you site from these images. It is a very easy way of getting traffic from the Google images site. I will tell you how to get a handful of traffic from the Google images site but before that get a few quick photographs of things related to your blog. There is also a very good image below to illustrate the fact that images can be very useful in entertaining your visitors.

Images are worth a thousand words and we all know it. Instead of speaking about poverty if we see a few photographs of poor people we understand the idea much better as there are emotions stuffed in every photograph. All that you need to get some traffic from your site through images is a normal camera. A mobile camera would also be helpful if you do not have a high quality camera. Generally high quality photographs are very catchy but they take a lot of time to load on pages.

The formats of the photographs which are very popular on the internet are the jpeg, jpg, png and bmp formats. Using image dithering is a good idea for it will load a low quality photograph and slowly load the full clear photograph of a higher quality. Now you just need to do one more thing: tell the search engines what the photograph is about by giving it a proper title. You can also use captions which will get activated when someone hovers their mouse over the photograph. What if this will give you a really very high traffic. If it gives you a really high traffic then....

Rules Violation On A High Traffic Road
Make sure Google does not do that while you try to reap some traffic off its busy network!

Traffic From Feeds

Blog feeds have become a very popular way of getting loyal visitors to your site. There are many ways that you could set up your blog feeds and make it easier for your audience to  follow you every time you post something new in your blog. If you are on blogger it is very easy for you to have your feeds ready and going so that you can get traffic from the feeds and that your loyal visitors can keep a track of everything which is going on at your blog.

The most popular type of feeds for the blogger community are the RSS feeds which are very simple to configure and use. Whenever someone asks you for the blog feeds just type your URL followed by the /RSS.xml and you will see the live feeds of your blog which  will be showing you the live feeds of your blog. But, where do you get the visitors for this. This is also very easy!

Go to feedburner and sign in using your blogger account/Google account. Follow the steps and you will be having your feeds ready for the loyal readers who want to read your blogs. Feeds look very good and give a broad detail of your site in a very short space. Feeds are fun for they will keep you updated with the latest happening at your favorite blogs and will also bring you loyal visitors who will keep on visiting your blog everyday. Feeds are a very good way of getting some real traffic to your site and are used by many webmasters to reach out to people who love their blogs a lot and who do not want to miss a single post on their blog.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Traffic Boosting Tips

 Traffic boosting needs a lot of hard work yet it can also be dine the easy way. Traffic is one of the main things which defines the success of a blog. Every webmaster is now making continued efforts to get high traffic to his/her blog. Webmaster are reading books after books everyday to know the secrets for getting to the top page of Google and finally think that it is only some software or something likely which will get them a high traffic boost which actually is not true.

With so many bloggers claiming overnight success every webmaster is trying his/her luck and also trying to fund some trick using which they will be able to get high traffic from Google. There are two main criteria for getting traffic boost: content and SEO. SEO includes link building which definitely is a very important part of it. There is no secret, you just need to keep on working or work harder. This is one field where success is directly proportional to the hard work you put in.

The sad part is that overnight success is definitely true in the blogging field if the blogger is highly active and is a very sharp research fellow who can do a quick research on any topic and put up a high quality blog so quickly that the search engines are visitors will have no other option but to rank the webmaster high in their organic search results. There are certain things about the search engines which everyone knows but does not like. There are bloggers who are having old mature blogs and are yet not getting any traffic to those sites and are still wondering how they can get high traffic some day. They are looking at the traffic reports all the time thinking that some lucky day they will get the permanent traffic boost.

The god news is that the lucky day is in your hands to decide. With every post you open a new opportunity for yourself to get some quick online success. Build links and write a few more posts and Google will definitely listen to you some day. The best way to get traffic boosts is to create a good high quality blog which is so appealing that people who visit it should have no other option but to visit it! This is the only way that your blog will survive for a very long time in the blog world and will also bring good profits to your pockets.

When Does A Blog Get High Traffic

When does a blog get high traffic through the search engines. This is a very common question in the blogging community. There are bloggers who have been running blogs since the past few years and yet have not seen success in getting the high traffic. many bloggers have stopped blogging after they came to know that getting a few thousand visitors is extremely important to make some quick money from the blog. A blog will get high traffic if it has enough links or a lot of posts which come first in the search results of Google.

Is there any formula for getting high traffic? After all why are so many people blogging to make money and why are so few extremely successful in making a successful blog and make money out of it. It is true that high traffic is needed to have online success but how is the high traffic obtained? What is the secret behind the scenes. We all feel that all the successful bloggers hide their success secrets, but the secret is that there is no secret to get high traffic to your blog.

There are only a few things which determine your success in the blogging field: the number of posts, the number of links, the site structure, all the SEO part and of course content. It is not about coming first on Google it is about how many people are searching for what you have written on your blog. Somebody does a lot of hard work and tops Google for a search term and finally comes to know that the search term is not at all getting any traffic. And this just means that all his effort to get success and make some money from his blog is now of no use.

Smart people do not do different things, they do things differently and that is what happens with the SEO experts. They know a few tricks and hence they dominate Google for any search term which they feel like dominating. But the actual fact is: success has meaning when the blog gets to serve the main purpose of its creation: sharing valuable content and ideas. Writing high value content is the best possible way to make quick success in the blogging field. If you have this one criterion then your visitors will promote you blog and make it successful automatically thus bringing you even more search engine traffic.

Why Is My Blog Not Making Me Money

Why is your blog not yet making you money? There are many reasons but the true reason is: your blog is not yet complete. Writing a few posts and getting a few unique visitors is something which even a normal kid can do if taught to do so. There are many websites put there which publish blogs of note or blog of the day. Till your blog reaches there you cannot claim to have a complete blog. You are having an incomplete blog and hence you are not being able to make money out of it.

How do the SEO experts do it? They never bother about the money. They will build the blog completely do the SEO and then they will let the search engine bring traffic to their site. The money making process is the last in their list. Blogs which make money even without getting updated do exist but they are the outcome of sheer hard work or sheer luck both of which are extremely necessary for building a high quality blog which will make you money.

Where is the traffic? This is the main reason why you are not making money online. People having a couple thousands of unique visitors are the ones who can at least think of making some money. On average a blog gets around a few dollars for every thousand visitors coming to it. With such a competition do you think that you are fit for the race. If not either gear up or leave it. There is no shortcut for success at least in this case.

Is the SEO good? Have you done the SEO part yourself or have you let someone else do the SEO part for you? If somebody else has done the SEO for your site then it is better that you take a look into what he has done for you. According to me the best way of making sure that the SEO of your site is running smoothly it is best to be done by after all it is not so difficult to learn.

Are there bloggers who get money success within a month? There are people who definitely get their success within a month. they are blogging experts and know the in and out of the SEO technology and the search engines. An expert blogger can write nearly 35-45 posts per day! If you are slow, your blog will also move slowly. If you are fast, the blog will also move pretty fast. Know it or not but there are many posts which just come first in the search engines for some search term.

Where are the ads? Ad placement is also one of the most important factor to be taken into consideration. Do some research and see which ad works best at what place. It is best to have targeted ads on your page. If you are not getting targeted ads then better change the ad program that you are using. Do some research on the behavior of your blog visitors and you will know how a few changes will create changes in the income from your blog.

Getting targeted traffic is the most important point when it comes to making some money from your blog. It is very necessary that you should be an expert in the blog industry and should have such a brain that even a new blog should stand in the middle of the crowd and attract the attention of the search engines. It is the visitors who come to your blog who have everything in their hands. You just need to help them come to your site and the rest is taken care of by them. Earning from your blog is very easy if you are getting good traffic to your blog everyday. One more suggestion is to increase the number of blogs so that the number of pages will increase and your chances of earning from your blog will also increase.

How To Build A High Quality Blog

What is a high quality blog according to Google? A high quality blog according to Google may not be considered to be a high quality blog by the visitors of that blog and vice-versa. Let us discuss this high quality concept and come to a decision to make a blog which is considered to be a high quality blog by both the search engines as well as the visitors who will be visiting your blog. Generally it is better that a blog should be considered to be of high quality by both its visitors as well as the search engines.

Let us first see why content is King. It is a well known fact that a very fat book has much more knowledge about a particular topic as compared to a book with a very few pages. Similarly a blog with lot of content means that it has everything for every visitor who is landing on the blog. Google definitely does not want to see a blog with a single post standing on top of its organic search results. It wants its users to be happy when they visit a site which is recommended to them by their favorite search engine: Google.

Now coming to the search engine and what it will consider to be a great blog. A search engine does not understand emotions nor does it understand literature and its effect on the human mind. Hence a search engine directly or indirectly has to depend on the human readers to make sure that the right blog is making up to its top results and hence it tracks a few visitor behaviors to see how the visitor liked the blog. One such factor is the time the user spends and the other factor being: does this visitor recommend this blog to his blog visitors? Hence Google depends on links to make sure that the most popular blog which is having the largest amount of links pointing to it is ranking first in the organic search results.

A high quality blog will not have keywords all around the place making it difficult for the visitor to read the blog. Google makes sure of all these things and hence keyword trick is successful if the limit is understood and this is exactly what the high quality blog refers to. A blog should not be specifically designed for the search engines. Instead it should be designed in such a manner that both the visitors and the search engines will consider it to be of sufficient quality to deserve high quality targeted traffic.

SEO and all other things may get you more traffic but more links can be obtained only if you have a high quality blog. Blogs which are just thrown up on the internet are not recommended as they lack the high quality touch which is needed to make it more and more successful. The first and basic requirement to build a good high quality blog is to build the quality first and then make money when the high quality targeted traffic starts coming in. Blog is not a machine which makes you rich it is a means for you to share important information to the people who are searching for it all over the internet. When a blog is filled with such high quality content which suits the need of every person visiting it it will definitely come up with the image of high quality blog.

Pinging For High Traffic

 Pinging your site is the best way to get high traffic and it works very quickly. There are many pinging sites which are very helpful in bringing good high traffic to your site. There are advantages and also disadvantages of pinging. There are many sites which also send automatic ping requests just after you finish publishing your post bringing you sufficiently high traffic after every post.

Pinging is generally a service where there are several sites on the web which are waiting to have a few quick URL's in their main page for their visitors. When you ping the URL of your new post comes up on these sites and eventually as these sites are updated very quickly the crawler crawls them all the time to get fresh new content uploaded in the search engine database.

As soon as a crawler sees the URL of your site on any of these high quality sites it starts crawling your site and also bring some traffic along with it from the search engines. Usually webmasters who open new sites update the content too often and send pings to get the attention of the Google crawlers so that they can crawl their site as quickly as possible. New sites find this to be the only way that they can expect to get some quick traffic from the search engines.

There are many pinging services out there. Many people will prefer different pinging services but on my part I love Pingomatic and also Pingler for their great services. Pingler has now limited the number of times it sends pings to your blog hence it is good if you use Pingomatic after the free pings on Pingler are over. Pingler however pings your site to a huge number of services and hence is preferred by many bloggers. Both of them are good at what they do: ping your site to get high traffic quickly.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Inviting Google Crawler

 How to make the Google crawler come to your site? It is a well known fact that it is this Google crawler that comes to your site to take a look at your new posts that have been updated on your site. Once the Google crawlers know about the new URL, it sends it to the Google database where the Google algorithms decide how to rank your site in its search database. Let me tell you the working of the Google crawler in brief and then I will let you know how you can quickly attract the Google crawlers or Google bots (also called as spiders) to come to your site or blog and get your paged indexed quickly.

One of the best ways of inviting this crawler on your site is to write a lot of content. Submit ten posts suddenly and you will find this crawler rushing to your site and also bringing some traffic along with it to give you s new start. One of my brand new sites had banged a sudden traffic of 190 visitors on a single day when I uploaded fifteen articles at once in my blog. It was a very new blogger blog which was very young and yet the traffic thrilled me and I came to know a bit about the behavior of the Google crawlers.

Crawlers are not just hungry for new posts but they are also very hungry for in-coming links. The page the link points to is sure to get pretty good traffic shoots for a small time. A crawler coming on your site means traffic coming to your site from the search engines. Hence it is very important that you should get these crawlers to your site as quickly as possible.

Pinging is the best way to get the Google bots come searching for your site. There is also one more thing that you can do to achieve it. Just add a link to your post on a site with a very high PR and the crawler will not only crawl your site but will also index it quickly into its search index and will bring some good high quality traffic to your site as quickly as possible. So far many bloggers have had very good reviews when it comes to getting traffic through pings.

Crawlers get used to coming often to your site if you make them come to your site pretty often. Building links and writing new high quality posts are so far the best means for getting the crawlers to your site. Link building is very essential for some initial quick success. Later on it is just the quality and the content of your blog and the behaviour of your visitors which matters a lot to Google for deciding where to place your page in its organic search results. Crawlers visit good content site and constantly keep bringing traffic to them. It is the duty of the search engines to expose you to your audience. What you audience get is what you have on your site to give to them: high quality content to keep them satisfied.

10 Ways To Get High Traffic To Your Site

The best 10 easy of getting traffic to your site are pretty simple. I will make it step by step so that you can better understand all the 10 ways and the order in which they should be applied to get some quick high traffic to your site. Getting traffic is very easy if you know about Google and the latest changes it is bringing in its algorithms. The latest algorithm has played a lot of tricks and has made Google pretty helpless in the new results which are disturbing the whole world with sudden traffic changes.

  1. Read and know Google. There is no other way out to get a major hold of Google traffic. Ranking first on Google means thousands of visitors. Reaching there is a very big headache (you will know once you try it). The best way to keep track of the latest change in Google is to take a look at Matt Cutts blog. You may know him: he keeps track of all the changes in Google and also woks at Google. Though the Google secrets are never let out.
  2. Use proper titles to get high traffic. Even today I find there are many people who do not use the titles properly. the post speaks of some other thing and the title speaks of something else. Use you main keyword clearly in the title so that Google knows what yo are writing about. Usually posts answering question do good which also means that your title should have the question and the post should have the solution.
  3. Use keywords properly: keywords work even today. Google cannot avoid using keywords for ranking pages. Probably this is the major thing which appeals to Google in the written title for Google cannot understand the posts from a human point of view but from a computers point of view.
  4. No messing up with URL. Do not let the URL be decided by any other thing. You yourself should decide the URL and avoid using dates and other nonsense things in the URL. The URL should specifically have your keywords in it else the URL is not of much use to you.
  5. Keep the posts short. this is a very good way of having higher keyword density in your post and also it gives you the opportunity to split one post into many other posts and thus have greater number of posts on your blog.
  6. Keep your blog frequently updated. The first thing that you do at the beginning of the day is to take a look at the latest news in you niche and update you blog with those latest changes. More frequently you update your blog, the more frequently you traffic chart gets updated.
  7. Have a lot of high quality content on your blog. The content is king formula holds good even today. Where there is content there there is Google and there comes the traffic in thousands if not in millions.
  8. Do not keep on giving links to others. Give links to very few people who you think deserve it. Else your home page should be absolutely clean. Giving links to non-authorized sites means getting a heavy penalty from Google.
  9. Keep on building links consistently. Once Google comes to know that you are getting popular it may push you down in its results for a while to slow you down, but, do not look back add high quality links to your blog because building links is by far the best way to get high traffic to your blog. Google is aware and hence it will try to test you and even demotivate you for a while by pushing back your links. The whole world knows the best traffic formula: link building.
  10. Google webmaster tools and Google Analytics will show you the ladder to get even more traffic by telling you about Google's opinion about your site. With a proper well optimized blog getting to the top page of Google and getting high traffic should never be a great deal.

These are the  best ways to get good great traffic coming from Google. Google traffic is filled with targeted visitors who convert well in most of the cases. Getting high traffic has a very simple formula: come first on the first page of Google and rest while Google keeps on bringing in all the traffic. You really earn from your blog when something comes on the top of Google else you are just wasting your time here and there without much traffic on your blog. With little hundred visitors you do not have any chance is getting anything from the  advertisers, to earn real your visitors have to be in thousands. Use the comments section to tell the world the ways you use to get high traffic to your blog.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Importance Of Submitting Sitemaps | What Is The Use Of Submitting Sitemaps

Submitting sitemap is said to be a very important part of SEO. What is sitemap and what is the use of submitting the sitemap to Google? Does submitting a sitemap to Google bring us traffic: no. There are many things that a site map can do for you and your site traffic. Sitemap is like an invitation for making the Google bot follow your site and update the content on your site into its search engine regularly. Once Google comes to know that you have a very good authority website, it will start indexing all your links into its database as quickly as possible.

Generally when a site is new it is not picked up by the search engine till it does some serious link building on the Internet. Though creating great and compelling content is also another very important side of the equation, yet to make things easy it is better that we build a few links up on the Internet and let the big players get the link top our site so that they get to know that our site has content which can be promoted easily on the Internet.

There is one problem with the crawlers, they do not know how to use the blog archive properly. This also means that even if your site is visible in the drop down menu of the blog archive the crawlers do not pick up your content from there and hence most of the posts that you write do not get crawled properly. To make things worse the people at blogger have made sure that if Google thinks that your content is not original then such articles should be included in the robots.txt file and you cannot do anything about it as they will not be indexed by Google.

Hence it is necessary that you submit a file which is having a link to all the posts on your blog to Google so that it can crawl easily and rank every page on your site! Technically speaking that the load at the Google computers is so high that literally the crawlers do not have much time to spend at your site. Hence, they come try to crawl and do not bother if your site is not getting crawled properly for it has a lot of other sites to crawl. To make things easier for yourself Google lets you add your pages to it using the Sitemap so that it will be able to see all the content on your site.

Hence if you want to make sure that all your posts are playing their respective matches at Google you have to submit your sitemap to Google using the Google webmaster tools. Using a site with less 'flash and JavaScript' and also making sure that all the posts are having a link from a site which is always updated by Google in its database you can be assured that Google knows of all the posts existing on your site. Just to remind you, even if your site is very well written, Google does not understand it for an algorithm which is based on math and calculation cannot work like a perfect human brain with even with the efforts of all the artificial intelligence engineers are put together. Hence sitemaps are very essential to get all your posts properly indexed by Google.

How To Get Traffic From Social Networking Sites

How Social networking sites bring so much traffic to a few webmasters? This is one question which troubles everyone in the blog industry when it comes to the topic of social networking. Social networking rules for driving traffic are very easy. Facebook is one of the best social networking sites out there which gets a lot of traffic and can bring real traffic to your site also if you understand the social networking platform properly.

Social network has two aspects: social being and a network of people who are interested in a particular topic or niche to be more precise. All those who have failed in their attempts is because they lack what is needed the most: network. You need to scream, be a leader, be social, share information and get introduced to many people all over the Internet to stay updated all the time and also to update your site status and let your network do the rest. In Digg, the network decides whether you should win or lose in the race of getting traffic to your site.

Social networking sites are now having clear and strict rules to get the ball rolling quickly and efficiently in order to make sure that any content does not just pop up into the front page of the sites and give high traffics to some sites suddenly. A very interesting graph showed shooting traffic results coming from Reddit to a brand new site which also decreased to the usual traffic after three days. Someone found the link to be quite useful and pasted it in his profile which had many followers in its network and hence the traffic saw a very unusual spike for a day or two.

Social networking sites are also being visited by the Google crawlers time and again to get new links. On the other hand, social networking sites will give you only no-follow links and be sure about it. Putting a link to your site on the social bookmarking site does not play a very vital role in SEO of the site, it only makes the process of calling the Google crawler faster and easier thus bringing some quick traffic to your site. If you want to get very high traffic from the social networking sites then you need to do some homework and build a good social network of targeted visitors who will have at least some idea of whatever you will post on profile page of the social networking site which you are using.

How To Use Google Webmaster Tools To Get High Traffic

 Google webmaster tools is the best site to see how good your site is performing on Google. There are many posts about how to use the Google webmaster tools to get high traffic but this is not an introduction to Google webmaster tools it is for the expert users who have been using the Google webmaster tools since some time and are not using it seriously to get some real time high traffic to the site.

First and foremost important section in the Google webmaster tools is the queries section. In fact this single section is more than enough for you to get some high traffic for your site for it has got some key information about the keywords, the traffic they bring and also the search queries which were used by people to land on your site. As we all know keywords are the first thing which we are concerned about and Google webmaster tools makes it easier for us to understand the keyword which Google is thinking is the main keyword of our site.

Next we will see in Google webmaster tools the main keyword which is driving traffic to our site. With this information we will now target this keyword and write posts based on it so that we will receive higher traffic from Google quickly. Use this as the main keyword for writing articles concerned about this primary keyword which you have obtained from Google webmaster tools. This will make sure that you will be receiving some initial traffic till you get time to divert the Google bots to the keyword that you want to target for which you need to check again at the Google webmaster tools as I will tell you in the following part.

Google ranks you high for one keyword (as you have seen in the reports of Google webmaster tools) but you have planned to target your site for a different primary keyword. The point is to get some quick initial traffic by posting about the keyword which Google thinks is doing well on your site, along with that also keep on posting articles which are targeting the primary keyword of your site and see the reaction of how Google reacts to the changes on Google webmaster tools.

Google webmaster tools is a program which is designed in such a manner that it copies the behavior of the Google bot and is not the actual program of Google which indexes and ranks your site. But it is completely true that this Google webmaster tools which is a duplicate of the original bot is very informative and gives you a perfect idea about the changes that you can make to your site so as to rank high for the keyword which you have been targeting for.

Using Keywords In URL

URL and page titles when used properly can bring good results when combined to bring the best out of both. URL usually does not perform best when left to be decided by the software, because your software basically is not much bothered about the SEO or the traffic part of your site. It will blindly create any URL without using the proper keywords in it which if done can definitely bring very good traffic to your site.

Using keywords in the URL is a very good way of telling the search engine what your present article is about and how is it related to the main content of your site. Generally URL should have two parts, one having the primary keyword and the other having the secondary URL which you are targeting for in the present article which you are about to write.

It is very good if the primary keyword gets repeated twice in the URL of the post. A well matching URL and title can bring good amount of traffic to your site in a very short time. If you are unaware, let me tell you that your URL is a very important part of your on-page optimization as well as off-page optimization. SEO experts are very eager on making sure that they target the URL properly so that Google gives them the top position very easily.

One more very important point is that your URL as far as possible should never have a date sticking between the post title and the main URL of the site which is targeted at the main primary keyword of your site. With the keywords used well in the post title the SEO percentage of the created page will be sufficiently high to attract the search engine and to get some real time high traffic running to your site because of a strong URL with targeted keywords placed at regular intervals in it.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Optimizing Post Titles To Get High Traffic

Well optimized post titles are one of the most essential needs when it comes to driving high traffic to your site. A post title has a very significant role when it comes to search engine optimization and hence is a very essential need to get it set the right way so that Google may appreciate it. A well written post title can no doubt bring so much of traffic to your site that you will be amazed at the traffic results. There are many things that you need to consider before thinking of a good title to be given to your post. One of the most amazing facts is that certain titles bring more traffic which are sometimes very easy to figure out.

A title has to match with the URL that you will be assigning to your post. If the title and the URL have the same text, then the ball will start rolling very quickly. If the post title is too short, expand the title by adding the primary keyword of the title again to the post title. This will stress the importance of the keyword in the title and will convince the search engine that the title and the post will be revolving around the repeated keyword which means a very good means for initiating the SEO on your site.

A post title has to have a proper H1 tag and no other tags. It is very important to note that the title should have the first letter capital for every word.H1 tag should not be used elsewhere in the page. Titles work wonders when they resemble a question as looked up by the visitors. Remember to make yourself as an audience and view your site with unbiased view, it is only then that you can understand your mistakes and make your titles and page content even more better day after day.

The most important trick is to match the content of the title and the content of the page so that Google can make sure about the exact information that you are writing about. Play with the present titles of your blog and optimize them to see what works the best in bringing high traffic to your blog and of course never forget to leave comments behind.

Comments For Webmasters

Comments is one of the best and easiest ways of getting some quick identity on the Internet. Comments should always be used properly so that the search engines and webmasters do not get annoyed with them. Comment moderation is recently introduced by Google because it is fed up with the way the comment sections were building up all over the Internet and creating a great headache to the search engine bots when they set out to search for links all over the Internet.

Facts about comments and links: The links that you get from the comments on other sites is almost a waste as they are no follow links which actually means that Google is not going to follow that link and land on your site. There are literally very few sites giving a do-follow link to the webmasters. It is only the link directories and some other sites which have enabled this feature. Getting a do follow link is very hard to find and almost impossible to get one.

Link may work only if the contents match: If the content on the page that you have linked to matches with the link to which you want to drive the bots, the search engines give you a chance. Increasing page rank has a lot of other unknown factors and secrets beneath the hood which Google will not disclose so easily. For your information: all the links on the social networking sites are no follow links. All Blogger blogs give you only no follow links in the comments section! Face this: if you do not use the comments properly, comments can decrease the traffic on your site!

If you think that your link building campaign will be successful with the links on the social networking sites, think again: this is not true. What you can be assured of is that the link does have some value but not as much as a do follow link. No link juice passes through if the site gives you no follow links through comments. Building a hundred no follow links and a few twenty do follow links are almost the same thing in fact the second one is much stronger even in this case.

How do comments help us at all? Comments exist because you want to make name and show your activity on  the Internet. Generally while doing a research on some topic you stumble upon some site and you want to give additional information to the people about the topic being discussed and hence you build links on those sites so as to tell others that you also have a blog which is also having a few topics related to the present topic and hence you would love to share that information with these guys as they are interested in it.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Does Posting Often Bring Traffic

Posting very often on a blog is probably the best and the quickest method I can think of when it comes to getting some quick and high traffic to your new site or blog. There are many examples which I can state to prove the fact that posting often is so far the best and the quickest way to get high traffic quickly to your blog. There are social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut, Digg and many more sites which are updated so often that they have become a great favorite of the search engines as well as the masses. No wonder these sites have become very famous now and are receiving millions of visitors everyday because of the popular fresh content they are frequently updated with.

There is one let down if you are updating your blog too often. A site which is suddenly getting too many updates and gets many articles posted in a very short time makes Google suspect that this site is a fraud site and is running on some autopilot software. One more important thing is the original content issue. Just for the sake of updating something, copying others' content and putting them on your blog does not make any sense at all and benefits neither you nor your blog- in fact you are harming your blog with this step.

Updating duplicate content on a site gets penalty from Google and is an action which webmasters should best stay away from. This drastically reduces the traffic of your site. Hence I make my point a bit more clearer: update original posts as often as possible and get high traffic to your site is the absolute truth in this case. There are many people who will argue saying that it is the links which matters a lot, I agree that link building is the greatest and best traffic pulling SEO technique yet I have felt the power in this powerful technique of updating the site or blog too often to get high traffic.

Posting often is the best way of getting quick traffic to your blog if your site or blog is not getting any. What if there is not much original content left to write in the niche in which I blog? It is for the same reason that all the webmasters out there blog on a variety of topics and usually try to cover them all in the same blog so that they can have a blog which can be updated often to keep the traffic flowing. This may affect the SEO part a bit, but the content will get updated so often, that the traffic will just keep on pouring in. It is only up to a certain point that you have to face the problem of getting traffic. Once you get to the top of Google organic search results, whatever you do then brings only traffic to your site, lots and lots of traffic with every fresh unique post you publish!

How Many Posts Are Needed To Bring High Traffic

When it comes to writing posts and getting traffic, people always get confused and think how many posts is too many posts to get some permanent traffic to the blog. The sad point is that a blog knows only a beginning, it does not know any end. The posts just need to keep on coming in and so should the traffic. Certain parts of SEO are to be taken into consideration to defina a complete blog.

According to Google any site which has anything less than 250 posts is considered to be yet under construction site. There is also a general thumb rule in SEO: greater the number of posts on your site, greater is the chance that you can win over your competition. A great number of posts on a blog also means that the blog is stuffed with sufficient inforation and is a knowledge storehouse where everything related to the searched topic is available.

Having a large number of posts is a very important part of SEO. As you eat everyday as you sleep everyday you also need to post everyday something or the other to the blog. Even if you do not do link building home work Google does not mind it much. But the one thing which matters a lot is how often is your blog updated. The greater the frequency of posting articles on the blog the greater are the chcances that the search engines will realize your blog to be updated with the latest updates in the concerned niche.

If you really want to see a blog with proper content and is a perfect example of a well optimized blog with proper SEO content and also drives good traffic to it, take a look at MattCutts blog which has a lot of posts posted on it. most of the successful webmasters have almost over a thousand posts on their blog. Generally people are of the opinion: if one post gets tem impressions per day, ten such posts will get you hundred imoressions per day. But everypost is not so lucky and hence you need to keep on writing till you find such posts which will get traffic and also go viral on the web attracting a huge number of links. I have seen a site with 1000 posts which were not well written and yet the guy was making good money!

How SEO Helps In Driving Targeted Visitors

The only way we get targeted visitors is through the search engines. This obviously makes the fact much clear that sites which have a proper SEO structure will be driving targeted visitors. Let me just take some time and clarify my point on how a site with proper SEO will not only get targeted visitors through a well optimized site but also that he will make good business out of it. There is no doubt that SEO is necessary to get high traffic.

There are people who look for a certain thing and enter it into a search engine. The search engine which has crawled many pages has indexed the sites in their database according to the weight in the SEO structure of the site. the more easier a site is to crawl and the more will be its popularity on the Internet, greater will be the chance that the search engine will show such post in ts top results.

The people who enter the search phrase get a topic which exactly matches with whatever they have typed in the search box. The search phrase which they are looking for will be spread throughout the content on the page which actually means that the visitor has just landed on a page which he was exactly searching for. SEO again makes sure that the author of the site is not only money oriented by taking a look at the content on his site and making sure that it is not overstuffed with keywords which is very annoying for the visitors to read.

In this way if you take care that the SEO thing has been properly done, the visitors are never annoyed with your site and similar is the case with the search engines.The search engines love pages which are loved by the people using it and which are stuffed with proper information. moreover a site which deals with a single niche can  be considered to be a standard site with lot of updated content on it and hence it is absolutely eligible to show up at the top search results of its organic search results.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Is SEO Really So difficult

Even if SEO is not so difficult a task as it seems to be there are many Bloggers who have been blogging since many days and have not been able to use SEO for the right purpose. Those who have done SEO know the in and out features of this beautiful world and love to rule the search engine with a good search engine optimized site. In a way even the money is related with SEO more than the traffic we get.

Social networking can bring you traffic, there is no doubt about it. Even then the money that you get from a well optimized site is lot more quantitative as the traffic that you get in this case is something which most of the webmasters refer to as targeted traffic. The truth is that SEO is very easy you just need the patience to learn it and implement it properly in your site.

A proper SEO expert takes only a week and a few posts to rule over a specific niche. You may disagree but there are many such SEO experts and they are doing this with a posting frequency which almost equals fifty posts per day. Imagine what a powerhouse can such a person be and what could be the fate of the blog which is having such an author. All that it takes to do is write content which is liked by the search engines and also build a few links till the post receives some traffic and if lucky the traffic chain continues!

SEO is easy and is the simplest way for getting quick high quality traffic to your blog which also promises a good bank balance to the Blogger. The rules of SEO are very easy and can be very easily followed and yet people think that SEO is a difficult task and cannot be easily achieved. If you do not put the initial efforts, SEO can definitely become the toughest game on earth. But SEO is definitely not as difficult as it seems to be. many people do not do a proper research and end up doing things which makes the search engines curse them and vice-versa. Please leave comments on your view about the importance of SEO and why you think many bloggers neglect it.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Is SEO Necessary To Get Traffic

SEO is a very essential technique for getting some quick high traffic to your site. The actual definition about SEO should be: SEO is the technique which is concerned about making the search engines happy and thus bringing you some traffic from the search engines. The actual pat of the fact is: even a little traffic coming from proper SEO actually means a lot of traffic to us the webmasters. The good part is some part of SEO are very easy to follow.

SEO is broadly classified into two sections: on-page SEO and off-page SEO of which the latter is most important for getting some quick and high traffic. On-page optimization is very easy to do and can be very effective in bringing high traffic to your site. The only thing is: off-page optimization is ten times much powerful than on-page optimization when it comes to quick visible traffic. On-page optimization is basically involved with keywords and certain page elements which when properly designed according to the quality rules of a search engine can bring rushing traffic easily.

Off-page optimization is the thing which the SEO experts are best at. When Google sees lot of incoming links at a particular site it is impressed and it gives serious consideration to such a site for it is famous with the masses and hence it is of the opinion that such a site deserves high traffic for it is recommended by everyone. Generally the bad guys will have one page showing up for Google and the other for the visitors thus keeping them both happy and getting good traffic and money from a site which looks very well formed and standard to both the search engines and the masses. Off-page optimization is so effective that many webmasters just come up with a new site and keep on adding links to it till they see it on the front page of Google.

Some webmasters are too good at both the SEO parts and also get high traffic very quickly. They write a few things which are so well done that people like to share it on the web and hence the viral web marketing automatically takes place bringing quick traffic to the webmasters. SEO is the only possible thing which is necessary to get traffic to your site. If you are good at social networking and neglecting SEO think again for there is ten times more traffic on this side and is every traffic geeks favorite method. Leave comments on SEO methods which drives quick traffic to your site.

Can Templates And CSS Bring High Traffic

There are many designers claiming to give you high traffic templates and CSS style sheets. The bitter part of the truth is these are not all all related to high traffic. Google is not bothered about color and other things that you are using in your posts. It is bull shit to even think of such a traffic statistic.

There are certain things which when taken care of in the CSS and template section can prove to be a good SEO technique. However when it comes to raking a site, Google is definitely not bothered about the templates or the CSS of your site. Let us just take a look at a few features related with templates and CSS which can help improve the SEO of your site.

The first thing which Google loves to see is a site which loads very quickly. For that reason it is better that you use a template or a style sheet which is very light and can load very fast. Many webmasters have a dark template to make this thing come true. Because the darker the background, lesser is the data to be transferred and hence faster is the loading speed.

There is one more thing relates with templates and CSS sheets: lesser the flash better is the chance that Google will love your site. It is not just about Flash but also JavaScript is something which Google hates to see on sites. That is it, I don't know of any other thing in these two things which can help you will SEO such that people claim to give you high traffic through their templates. Be-fooling you is the only reason for which the designers are claiming such things. The success of your site depends on you and not on the template and CSS.

Google Changes Its Algorithm

With the new Google algorithm it will be the fresh content which will be sold out like hot cakes according to Google. In fact Google also claims that the new change in its algorithm is going to affect at least 35% of its search results. This definitely will bring a great change in the lives of the people and will also make the webmasters a bit worried.

Anything may change in the Google world, one thing will never change its love for the links. As long as you are having links pointing to your site Google will have no other option but to keep you on top of its results. Even if the change has come into effect there are not many webmasters who have claimed many changes n their traffic statistics.

The actual change will take place in the live world. Which actually means that Google will change the search results of certain specific searches which always keep on getting updated. Stock market, football matches, cricket matches have so many rapid changes going on. So Google has finally decided that it is going to put up a site with the latest results whenever a person searches for these terms. So all that people have to do now is type cricket and all the sites which are updating the current status of the matches will be on the top of the Google page.

This is a very good change Google has brought forth in its algorithms and is also going to change the life of a few webmasters whose blogs and sites are concerned with the dynamic changing fields. Do comment on how you feel the latest algorithm change brought forth by Google will affect the life of us webmasters and whether it will have a serious impact on our site traffic.

Monday, November 21, 2011

How To Get Traffic Through YouTube

YouTube is a great boon if you want to get some additional traffic to your site. Generally people try to build links through YouTube which I did not find to be so useful as the links given on YouTube are no-follow links. There is also a debate that no-follow links are not so useful in getting some quick traffic to your site. I myself know the power of no-follow links which have worked at least in my case. but of course when it comes to page rank you do need only the do-follow links which are very hard to obtain.

Coming to the point YouTube can help you drive traffic to your site. It is definitely not the link that you are thinking about which is going to work here. YouTube actually reminds me of Google breaking its own policies: using pop-up ads to distract visitors and causing great nuisance to its visitors while they are watching something online. Anyways the following paragraph will tell you how you can use YouTube to get traffic to your site. I would also like to remind you: if you do not know how to create a good video do not use the YouTube trick told here else instead of impressing the visitors you will annoy them with a long video which is very boring and has nothing of much use for them in it.

People who are smart use YouTube the smart way. This is so far the only way I remember one can get some high traffic on YouTube. Up load a video and give a link of your site at the end of the video. One big mistake many bloggers do on YouTube is to post some video with a good title and posting a junk video which has no meaning and which people run away from the very moment it begins. Put a very good video with very good information in it on YouTube and it will get the attention of the people all over the web and people will start visiting your site to get more information on the topic of the video which they had watched.

Very few people know how to use a video properly to get the attention that a choreographer actually deserves. When done properly this thing can make your site viral with just one single post! That is the power of YouTube: it gives your site the attention that it actually deserves. The link on YouTube is also helpful but will not drive much traffic to your site and you can count me on that. Use YouTube only if you know how to make good videos. Interactive videos look very good on YouTube as the visitor feels that you are actually standing in front of him and speaking to him face to face. If the visitors like your video they will definitely come to your site and post a comment about the video which you posted on YouTube. With so many page-views per video YouTube is a favorite of Google and the masses. Use the comment section if you need to tell about any other way using which you can drive traffic to your site using YouTube.