Sunday, December 4, 2011

I Have Quality Content Yet No Traffic Why

Your blog is having high quality content and yet it does not have traffic, ever wondered why? Good content according to humans and good content according to Google has a very big difference. Google always loves hot and fresh news. It does not like to read the same topic twice. And that is what happens: we say we write high quality unique content yet Google does not look at it in the same manner.

To humans anything with some new information is unique content. To Google a topic which does not have repeating keywords is high content. Two posts may look very different from the human intelligence point of view. Google is an AI or an artificial intelligence simulation program which is built using only math and algorithm. Hence Google has presently used the +1 button to see what humans think about the site they have entered.

This is what happens when Google sees two topics: main keyword of the site, primary keyword of the topic and the secondary keyword of the topic. Maximum matching found: this is a duplicate (that is what Google says)? Next Google will see which one is written first and finally Google will see which one has maximum links pointing towards it. And trust me all this happens and then the algorithm sees the human behavior which includes time on site, bounce rate and a lot of horrible things which we have no control over. And of-course the on-page optimization factors also play a very great part which can impress Google.

Finally when all these tests are passed by your site it decides whether your site should be included on the first few pages of its algorithm. Honestly speaking, you are somewhere if you are on the first 100 results. Else you are nowhere and there is no way you will get to the top at least with the present site that you are working on. Hence, to Google it is all points basis for determining which site should get to the top of Google. The higher marks you get the higher will be your rank: simple high school method of deciding which kid is smart and has original ideas and which kid is copying and trying to pass the examination with better marks!