Saturday, December 3, 2011

DoFollow And NoFollow

What is the great difference between this DoFollow and NoFollow links? There are a few technical things I will be dealing with in this post to make a clear difference between DoFollow and NoFollow links. When the whole web was cluttered with links that people did not want to publish in their comments section Google came with the reliability of links issue and brought a solution to the above problem through a simple HTML code which stated the reliability of a link as DoFollow and NoFollow.

Coming to the technical part. After years of SEO research I have found that both the DoFollow and NoFollow links have their own place to stay on the web. You want your links to be all around the web for the purpose of publicity. A blog is a medium of building a network of people with similar interests and a blog has some meaning when it has links in it to make the post interactive. But a link is also a vote and you should not be forced to vote someone. If I give a DoFollow to a site which is crooked with Google I will also fall in the same gutter and get myself dirty. Technically speaking the difference between the two is that one passes link juice the other does not. That is do links give you PR boost and no links don't.

Hence to keep yourself clean you need to use the NoFollow attribute so that no one drags you down into the dirty dungeons. A blog is worth a lifetime and getting it killed is like killing yourself for no valid reason.  Hence it is very difficult to get DoFollow links anywhere on the web. Only outdated sites which are still getting traffic may give one. There are many webmasters who are searching for the links passing the juice but they are very hard to find with so much of fuss going on about DoFollow and NoFollow.