Sunday, December 4, 2011

Why Am I Not Getting Traffic Yet?

Why are you still away from traffic success. Getting high traffic is not as easy as it was a few years before. Google has changed it algorithm and has definitely made it much difficult for webmasters to get high traffic easily. After all almost every neighbor has a blog today. Blogger blogs have been very famous for their simple outlook and easy to build features. In fact it is so good at it that even a novice on the road person can build a blog today very easily.

Blogs need to keep changing all the time. It is very difficult to have a blog with a few pages blindly put up expecting traffic. Coming on the first three organic results is very essential if you want to get some serious traffic. Once you are on the top for a search phrase you will get the traffic part slowly slowly. There are many reasons why you do not get much traffic to your site:

  1. Newly built site takes at least six months to well establish itself. If your site is new you need to wait.
  2. There might not be sufficient links pointing to your site. Even if you have a few links, they may be NoFollow links which are not passing link juice.
  3. Google PR never decides the traffic or the Google ranking of your site. I can prove that if you want. There are many bloggers having a PR 0 site showing up in the top three positions on Google.
  4. SEO is definitely one thing which can never be overlooked if you are not getting traffic. Some say it is very easy some say it is difficult. The fact is if you are smart it is easy. On-page optimization itself eats up so much time and hell even if you get the on-page elements right there is still a lot more to do to get the post to the top position on Google.
  5. People might not be sticking to your site. If there are visitors who stay for a few minutes on your site and also increase the CTR of your site Google will have to respect this fact and give you a good standing in its database. Human behavior is always checked by Google robots. If the visitors are doing good your site will also do good.
  6. Duplicate content is one reason why sites do not rank well. Let me tell you even if you have written a site all by yourself Google does not know that: it understands primary, secondary and tertiary keywords if they  match you are out of the top three.
  7. You might be giving link to a site which is not a good neighbor. Link only to those sites which belong to your category.
  8. Read Matt Cutts blog. There is nothing too special on it and yet it gets great traffic: original content is what played the trick in his case.
  9. You site might not yet be complete. Complete your site first and then look for bringing traffic. There are many bloggers with 500 posts on their blog. Break the gate with 1000 posts and the traffic will have to flow.
There is no secret for blogging. If you are searching for secrets you are wasting time. Help others with your blog by giving high quality information for free. That is why people love blog and that is why blog are still running and getting high traffic. Links are very important to get high traffic. Even then it is content which is more important than anything else. Good content has to get good traffic, and there are many who have felt this and also seen this coming true. If you can think of any other way for getting high traffic you are welcome to use the comments section.