Sunday, November 20, 2011

Getting 1000 visitors | SEO Techniques To Get 1000 Unique Targeted Visitors Daily

Getting 1000 unique visitors looks like a very difficult game if you are new to blogging. If you have passed the 100 visitors per day game 1000 visitors per day is the next level of the same game just that things here are a bit more difficult than getting mere 100 visitors per day. This article will be about how you can tweak the SEO on your site in order to make it more better and to get a traffic of 1000 visitors very quickly. Getting high traffic was very easy a few years ago but now Google algorithm has changed so much that none of the older tricks work with Google.

What is the role of Google bot in bringing 1000 visitors?

Things will not be too quick unless you know how to invite the Google bot. This hidden guy is the one responsible for most of our traffic. If you have been blogging around for a while you must be familiar with this automatic robot of Google. Every time it comes to your site you get a traffic boost which will slowly help you reach your 1000 visitors daily. Reason being, once it comes to your site it checks for all the pages on your site and while it does so all the posts on your blog get a traffic boost as they are temporarily ranked higher in the organic search results. If you have sufficient posts on your blog (best if you have 1000 till now) and your blog is often updated you will get the 1000 visitors even if your blog is pretty new. You just need to tell Google that you update your blog very often and Google takes care of the traffic thing.

Links for getting your daily traffic:

One thing you need to be exceptionally good at to get 1000 visitors per day is to get good quality back-links. These are permanent links from some very high PR sites. Honestly speaking if you are good at the game only eight links from 8 well known high PR sites is more than enough to give you 1000 visitors daily from the search engines. Outsourcing this is a very good job as you can keep on writing and someone will be busy bringing 1000's of visitors to your blog. There are many companies which do too much of research and find directories and other places where they can place the links of your site and help you get your 1000 unique visitors daily that too only from Google! If you site is very good just build a few links by submitting articles to ten very good high PR sites and the traffic should shoot. Article directories make your article and the links on it viral and hence bring you quick and high traffic which will drastically reach 1000 some day.

Presently Google has made the filter of duplicate content very strict and very tight. This is one place where your site will get stuck and will not be able to rise higher to steal the 1000 visitor per day show! Google with an intention of punishing students who are not doing their homework themselves is punishing all the webmasters with this act thus making it difficult for the newbies to find their blog somewhere on the first few pages of Google organic search results. If you want to get 1000 visitors daily to your site you have to come first in the search results of Google and other major search engines.

How can you get 1000 visitors when there are no people searching the keyword for which your site is optimized

You may not have fought for the right term which gets a few 1000 searches every day. I fought a lot of fights to get my page to the front page of Google for a very highly competitive keyword and then I came to know that there were not many people on this planet searching for that term! So even if you choose a long tail keyword and rank high for it, it is necessary that it must be searched by at least 1000 people on the internet so that you can have your cup of daily 1000 unique visitors. It is necessary to rank for terms which are searched for all over the internet.

You want traffic but Google wants fresh posts! Content of the blog is not changing for a long time is a good valid reason for not getting your daily 1000 unique visitors. There is a certain time till which things are not under your control, once you get the control then the whole life becomes easy go lucky. Later you have only one post to publish per day and the Google traffic will keep flowing in. Your blog just needs to get a little older and then it will be marked as an authority site by Google.

Does traffic have anything to do with Google page rank?

Your site does not have a high Google page rank (PR): many bloggers speak of this and the whole world knows that PR means everything to Google when it decides to rank your article in its search index. Page rank is individually applied to every page. Some pages rank high and some rank low. In majority of the cases the links to the main page of the site is a very important way of determining the page rank of a site. Google page rank is only an information about the number of DoFollow links that a web-page has. The formula of Google PR is not much complex. You just need to find the right kind of sites which can pass the link juice to your site and here is where the traffic hitters get their 1000 unique visitors daily.

Can 1000 visitors view your blog? If you are not on the front page of Google for any search term then you cannot expect to get even 100 visitors a day leave alone the idea of getting 1000 visitors daily. Even if you are somewhere near the second page, I am sorry to say that I do not search anything on the second page of Google. As a matter of fact none of the 99.99% internet users go to the second page of Google searching for anything. This is a big wake up call and you need to listen to it if you want to see 1000 visitors visiting your blog. There are many who say of 1000 visitors in two weeks. The point is: how many get it?

How good is your social network?

Haven't you heard that since the Google Panda update Google will be taking a look at your social network profile. Google has clearly said that it wants to see how good your social network is and is interested in knowing how much your community respects and communicates with you. So from now onwards the traffic of your blog depends not only on the search engine optimization part but also on the social networking part of your site. I have recently seen my Digg bookmarks jumping on the first page of Google for my targeted keywords and thus bringing me traffic from Google sometimes. To add to the thrill I am also getting traffic from all my social bookmarking and social networking sites.

Getting traffic from social bookmarking is much easier than any other thing on the internet. All you need to do is build a strong social network and reach out to thousands of online friends. Every time you post a link to your most recent posts all your online friends get to see and know your updates. So this gives you three things that you have always liked: maximum exposure to a greater audience which you will never miss online, a good search engine optimization background for your blog and of course your thousands and thousands of visitors!

Getting 1000 visitors summanry

Getting 1000 visitors gets easy after you have a minimum of 500 posts on your blog. With so many posts also of you are not getting 1000 plus traffic then your site needs a good SEO adviser. With a little bit of keywords tweaking the traffic of the site will definitely get better. I have tried this and trust me, the keywords game works even today in bringing 1000 visitors. Best is to take a look at Matt Cutts blog: the Google Engineer never asked for links and just kept on adding thousands of stuff to his blog some of which as you can see is just a paragraph or two and might not even make too much of sense. I don't think there is something much to do with the number of words per post. But we all have to agree that if we want to see the 1000 visitors per day peak we have to take to quantity first. Later the quality can be altered to suit the tastes of your visitor. Getting 1000 visitors daily is not difficult is you know SEO and all the Google rules if you want your visitors to come from Google organic search.