Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pinging For High Traffic

 Pinging your site is the best way to get high traffic and it works very quickly. There are many pinging sites which are very helpful in bringing good high traffic to your site. There are advantages and also disadvantages of pinging. There are many sites which also send automatic ping requests just after you finish publishing your post bringing you sufficiently high traffic after every post.

Pinging is generally a service where there are several sites on the web which are waiting to have a few quick URL's in their main page for their visitors. When you ping the URL of your new post comes up on these sites and eventually as these sites are updated very quickly the crawler crawls them all the time to get fresh new content uploaded in the search engine database.

As soon as a crawler sees the URL of your site on any of these high quality sites it starts crawling your site and also bring some traffic along with it from the search engines. Usually webmasters who open new sites update the content too often and send pings to get the attention of the Google crawlers so that they can crawl their site as quickly as possible. New sites find this to be the only way that they can expect to get some quick traffic from the search engines.

There are many pinging services out there. Many people will prefer different pinging services but on my part I love Pingomatic and also Pingler for their great services. Pingler has now limited the number of times it sends pings to your blog hence it is good if you use Pingomatic after the free pings on Pingler are over. Pingler however pings your site to a huge number of services and hence is preferred by many bloggers. Both of them are good at what they do: ping your site to get high traffic quickly.