Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Is SEO Really So difficult

Even if SEO is not so difficult a task as it seems to be there are many Bloggers who have been blogging since many days and have not been able to use SEO for the right purpose. Those who have done SEO know the in and out features of this beautiful world and love to rule the search engine with a good search engine optimized site. In a way even the money is related with SEO more than the traffic we get.

Social networking can bring you traffic, there is no doubt about it. Even then the money that you get from a well optimized site is lot more quantitative as the traffic that you get in this case is something which most of the webmasters refer to as targeted traffic. The truth is that SEO is very easy you just need the patience to learn it and implement it properly in your site.

A proper SEO expert takes only a week and a few posts to rule over a specific niche. You may disagree but there are many such SEO experts and they are doing this with a posting frequency which almost equals fifty posts per day. Imagine what a powerhouse can such a person be and what could be the fate of the blog which is having such an author. All that it takes to do is write content which is liked by the search engines and also build a few links till the post receives some traffic and if lucky the traffic chain continues!

SEO is easy and is the simplest way for getting quick high quality traffic to your blog which also promises a good bank balance to the Blogger. The rules of SEO are very easy and can be very easily followed and yet people think that SEO is a difficult task and cannot be easily achieved. If you do not put the initial efforts, SEO can definitely become the toughest game on earth. But SEO is definitely not as difficult as it seems to be. many people do not do a proper research and end up doing things which makes the search engines curse them and vice-versa. Please leave comments on your view about the importance of SEO and why you think many bloggers neglect it.