Sunday, November 20, 2011

Do SEO Softwares Work?

Let us face it today. We have all tried the so called traffic building SEO softwares expecting to get some rushing traffic to our blog. It was too late by the time we came to know that the softwares just give us an initial traffic boost and then we are all by ourselves. The effects disappoint us so much that finally we decide that we should try some other software. After all, all these black-hat SEO guys use softwares to get high traffic.

The SEO gurus have a team hired which works for them. they outsource SEO stuff and link building stuff. There are many thugs there who are using all kinds of softwares and dominating Google and reaping millions of money out of it. To top it all they have webinars and many other ways using which they tell us about none of the things which brings them traffic and monetary success.

We believe them like fools and start our SEO campaign single handed and then get disappointed day after day seeing that the trick is not working in our case. The bitter part of truth is that SEO softwares do work but the ones which work are never available at cheaper rates. I won't tell you the name of the softwares but I tell you the kind of softwares which play the trick.

For content building there are automatic softwares which just scrape the content off the web rewrite it and post it automatically to your blog thus bringing you heap of traffic. These blogs do get busted by Google no doubt but Google is getting smarter and these sites are getting banned day after day. There are many such sites which have closed down. Not just this but the ones who use these softwares know this part and accept it readily.

The next software is the one concerned with competitor strategies. Here the softwares uses all the sources on the internet and give you the links which the competitor has built. The truth is most of those links are obtained with the link baiting strategy or by paying money to a SEO company to build links for you. So, even if you know the links you cannot make much use out of it unless you have the money to spend on it!

So final word is SEO softwares do work, but, you need to be smart and you need to know about the SEO thing in and out else you will have it from Google. Recently Google has introduced the sandbox and other such stuff to see how honest the creator of the site is. SEO softwares are something which Google will never like. The ones who use it also know a bit about hacking and hence they know how to hide their identity from Google thus making sure that Google never knows that they are using softwares to get traffic.