Monday, November 21, 2011

Comments Can Decrease Your Site Traffic

Commenting on other blogs is one thing which Google loves. At the same time Google punishes people who leave their site link in the comments section. I have suffered a blog deleted from my blogger account just because I left my link on a comment on somebody's blog! It is very difficult to figure out what is going on with Google- its likes its dislikes and its algorithms try to make the search engine a better world and the life of the publishers worse than ever!

If you go to the webmaster site you will find out that Google encourages publishers to comment on other blogs and on the same time alerts you not to spam the search engines by overdoing it. Well, I lost my blog with a single comment on another blog. There are many things that the algorithm takes into account before deciding whether a link is a good link or a spam.

The real news is that many people trying the link building through comments section have lost their blogger blogs and have cursed Google for it. Google when told of such instances never reacts and just witnesses a very good blog being brought down by their algorithms which they claim is best at what it does: making the web a better place. What about the publishers? Should they comment and leave their links behind or not!

Many people find it safe to stay away from the spam impression and hence blog commenting has drastically declined. I personally feel that comments are a very good way of making the web a much better place. The point is what does Google think about comments? Many bloggers also found their blogs in the Sandbox for using comments to build a few quick links to their blog. With all this I think it really is dangerous to leave links with comments on other blogs. It is better to have less traffic than to get the spam label on our favorite blogs.