Monday, November 21, 2011

How To Find Titles Which Give High Traffic

Which title will give you high traffic? This is a question which is the most debatable. Google trends on one hand will definitely tell you which are the good ones out there which are frequently being searched for by the people since the past few days or weeks.

Some topics always get high searches like: Obama, actors, actresses, body building secrets, how to get slim and many others which are related with celebrities and also the main interests of the people. Yet there must be some way to figure out how you can find out high traffic articles.

Some people are of the opinion that the best way to get some quick high traffic is to see the competition and get all the terms with less competition and target them and you will definitely reach the hundreds or thousands in a shorter time. With this the first hundred or may be even thousand (visitors) are reached but what next? We are always traffic hungry to get more from the web.

I think once we get the initial break through it is better that we start targeting those high traffic words and see how far we can go. All the topics which have a higher demand will definitely have a higher competition. It is a very rare case where the keyword which has high demand is not yet targeted by the leading heroes of that niche. There can be no conclusion to the above topic without further comments from the bloggers. Voice your opinion to tell to the world about the various ways you use in order to get quick high traffic to your site.