Monday, November 21, 2011

Is High Traffic Necessary For A Blog

Is high traffic really necessary for blog? Is there any proof that high traffic really brings money to the bank. I remember seeing the first 1000 visitors in my early blogging days and I earned not a single penny out of it. Seriously speaking making money out of blogs needs something much more than that.

Honestly speaking if you get the right kind of visitors any traffic can make you money. It is not necessary to have a very high traffic to make very high money. You just put good high quality content and the rest is taken care of by Google and your post. But, finally it boils down to conversions and clicks and of course money.

It is important to have a site which makes you money. Getting ten dollars for 1000 visitors is more meaningful than getting one Dollar for the same number of visitors. The first phase of making your blog a success is the traffic part. The second part which marks your success is the money part.

I personally feel that high traffic and good convincing posts are both necessary to make good money. And it is money which makes more sense than the traffic part of your site. High traffic can bring you good money if you have the flash banners which pay on a per thousand basis. Else all the traffic that you are getting is absolute waste of money. Use the comment section to tell what you think: is it high traffic which is more important or the quality of posts or the conversions?