Monday, November 21, 2011

Best Link Building Strategy

This is by far the best link building strategy I can think of. If done properly your blog should appear on the first page of Google even with a very high competition competing with you. Link building is pretty difficult if you have not had a first hand experience with it before. Even then let us see how far you can carry on with the strategy I provide at here.

I have tried this link building strategy and am sure that this thing works and it works very well. The only thing is you need to be patient to see the results. If you see the traffic results after every link built you may get disappointed and may discontinue the link building campaign.

The first and the easiest way of getting links is the social networking sites. The top social networking sites which I use are Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter, Stumble upon, Facebook, Orkut and sometimes Yahoo bookmarks. Sign up with these sites and build some quick links with them.

Next comes link directory submission. There are so many link directories today that the top ones are never free and even if you submit your site to one it will get rejected soon because of insufficient content which you do not want to go through. What is more difficult to digest is that you build your links across twenty sites and you get the report after ten days saying that the link was rejected!

The next step will be to build some links using the top article directories out there. These are the best way to get some very quick links. Bitter part of the fact is that you need to write an article of 500 words minimum to get your link included in the bottom of the post. The good news is: the link gets included very quickly and the link juice passed on is just great. This is a very slow way of getting links, but, if you are good at article writing this one is for you. I tried article spinning which disappointed me with its results filled with grammar errors. Ten such links can help you propel your traffic much faster than it usually did.

Google kind of loves the article directories is what it seemed to me when I first tried this trick. The other ways are also good and sometimes are pretty quick to make some good traffic results popping out of the link box. The links you build may not bring traffic directly to your site, but, most of the times it is done so that the SEO part of your site gets better and gets a swarm of traffic to your site quickly giving you some fresh air of confidence.