Thursday, November 17, 2011

Can Social Networking Bring Visitors?

Social networking sites have been around since a very long time. If you have used Facebook and have a few friends on Facebook you will understand how social networking can help your site in getting some quick high traffic. The best part is there is no strict rule or any fuss in getting the traffic from these sites. Many users post too many links on the social networking or social bookmarking sites thus expecting some link juice to pass to their blog and bring them some quick traffic. But the connection between social networking and blog traffic is much deeper.

As the name suggests in a social networking site you are fist supposed to build a network and keep on adding new friends to your profile. Now, every time you post something the post shows up on the top page of the site first and also on the first page of your friends as in Orkut and Facebook. With every link you get a few visitors to your blog who are interested in the topic you are speaking about.

What this eventually means is a stream of quick targeted traffic coming naturally to your site without much efforts. If you are on Digg, people who like your story will Digg it and the people who think that your thing is just a scrap of no use they will bury it. There is something more to social networking and traffic.

We need to update our blogs all the time. But, where does the content come from. In order to write something new you need to have an idea. With social networking sites you get to know the various stories and topics which have already been covered by your competition. Not only that but you also come across a few articles which you did not think of. Even if this article may be already present on the web and may not bring much traffic to your site. Even then it increases the number of posts on your site and thus makes you more authorized and expert in the topic according to Google and the other major search engines thus bringing some traffic to your site and also making your site look more chubby and complete.

With a few hundred friends social networking and social bookmarking is just fun, traffic and dollars. Add a few friends to your social networking profile and slowly the list of friends and followers will gradually increase thus giving you some quick high traffic. All the leading traffic holders on the internet have successfully used this strategy to increase their site traffic and have found social bookmarking to be of very great use in getting quick traffic. Social networking is also more interactive thus making sharing links and getting traffic a cake walk. Apart from it, submitting your link to the social networking sites also gives you a one way back-link though it may have the no-follow attribute, it is a quick way of building links and rolling the ball.