Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Using Images To Get Traffic

If you have used images on your site you might have seen traffic coming to you site from these images. It is a very easy way of getting traffic from the Google images site. I will tell you how to get a handful of traffic from the Google images site but before that get a few quick photographs of things related to your blog. There is also a very good image below to illustrate the fact that images can be very useful in entertaining your visitors.

Images are worth a thousand words and we all know it. Instead of speaking about poverty if we see a few photographs of poor people we understand the idea much better as there are emotions stuffed in every photograph. All that you need to get some traffic from your site through images is a normal camera. A mobile camera would also be helpful if you do not have a high quality camera. Generally high quality photographs are very catchy but they take a lot of time to load on pages.

The formats of the photographs which are very popular on the internet are the jpeg, jpg, png and bmp formats. Using image dithering is a good idea for it will load a low quality photograph and slowly load the full clear photograph of a higher quality. Now you just need to do one more thing: tell the search engines what the photograph is about by giving it a proper title. You can also use captions which will get activated when someone hovers their mouse over the photograph. What if this will give you a really very high traffic. If it gives you a really high traffic then....

Rules Violation On A High Traffic Road
Make sure Google does not do that while you try to reap some traffic off its busy network!