Tuesday, November 29, 2011

When Does A Blog Get High Traffic

When does a blog get high traffic through the search engines. This is a very common question in the blogging community. There are bloggers who have been running blogs since the past few years and yet have not seen success in getting the high traffic. many bloggers have stopped blogging after they came to know that getting a few thousand visitors is extremely important to make some quick money from the blog. A blog will get high traffic if it has enough links or a lot of posts which come first in the search results of Google.

Is there any formula for getting high traffic? After all why are so many people blogging to make money and why are so few extremely successful in making a successful blog and make money out of it. It is true that high traffic is needed to have online success but how is the high traffic obtained? What is the secret behind the scenes. We all feel that all the successful bloggers hide their success secrets, but the secret is that there is no secret to get high traffic to your blog.

There are only a few things which determine your success in the blogging field: the number of posts, the number of links, the site structure, all the SEO part and of course content. It is not about coming first on Google it is about how many people are searching for what you have written on your blog. Somebody does a lot of hard work and tops Google for a search term and finally comes to know that the search term is not at all getting any traffic. And this just means that all his effort to get success and make some money from his blog is now of no use.

Smart people do not do different things, they do things differently and that is what happens with the SEO experts. They know a few tricks and hence they dominate Google for any search term which they feel like dominating. But the actual fact is: success has meaning when the blog gets to serve the main purpose of its creation: sharing valuable content and ideas. Writing high value content is the best possible way to make quick success in the blogging field. If you have this one criterion then your visitors will promote you blog and make it successful automatically thus bringing you even more search engine traffic.