Thursday, December 22, 2011

Google Panda Effect | Getting Google Traffic After Panda Update

Google Panda effect and traffic change

Google Panda's effect on traffic has been feared by many webmasters. Google Panda has created havoc up to such an extent that many webmasters are thinking that it has changed all the SEO ranking factors of Google. Google Panda is a major change in the Google algorithm and has changed the way Google worked a few months ago. If Panda was really so harsh then why are the traffic guys and SEO experts still successfully getting high traffic irrespective of the changes made by Google in its algorithm.

Google Page Rank still exists!

Google Panda is not a completely different algorithm. Google still has the page-rank concept. Google became popular because of its page-rank concept and hence it is a trademark of the Google search engine. But the truth of the trade is: Google or any other major search engine has to give preference to links for determining the authority of any website. There are still many weaknesses that Google has despite its Panda update which it claims will change the way internet worked till today.

Google's Panda has artificial intelligence:

What has really changed with the Google Panda is the ways things work at the human level. A search engine understands only maths according to the SEO experts: Google Panda is a step ahead: it has some artificial intelligence simulation codes. Google Panda has a different math. It is the high scorer who ranks high and this fact can never be changed. Google Panda is still an algorithm and it can also be be-fooled very easily.

What is the artificial intelligence part of Google Panda? We know that Google checked for so many things before ranking us in their search engine. With Google Panda Google will now see the human behavior of people visiting a website. Let us say that many people search for some term on Google and there are many sites which are giving useless content: Google Panda will bring all the junk content down by seeing the amount of time the visitors will be spending on the blog.

Google Panda is more about the human behavior than the links part. The bitter part of the fact that we have to face is that Google still asks for links in order to rank your site high in its search engine. Once you reach the top it is the job of Google Panda part to decide whether you should stay there for a longer time or not. Sites that were frequently updated used to get a traffic boost with every new post they posted on their blog.

Google SEO rules are working well

Google Panda is something very different but the SEO factors never change: add fresh content, build links and so many other things which we normally did to get good high traffic to our bog is working even today. Article marketing is not dead, there are still so many article marketers who are exploiting Google even today. Google Panda would definitely like to see one more thing: lot of content on your site. What Google Panda has best done till date is: it has punished webmasters for adding duplicate content on their site.

Google Panda was a very necessary update for Google in order to reach its goal. But with so many webmasters fighting in the trade the winners will always stay winners. The more tight the filters of Google become it is the poor newbies who suffer and not the guys who have been playing the Google domination tricks since a long time. There is one more interesting update to the Google algorithm which will love to see only fresh content. Most of the sites blogging about sports, socks, etc. which change too often need an updated result every time and hence Google added this feature along with its Panda algorithm.

Google Panda effect on fresh content blogs

Google's Panda loves content and not thin bamboo twigs! Despite the Panda update Google has to love content. Google has always respected content and Google Panda has no side-effect on this fact. Google Panda loves sites with good original content added to it all the time. Google Panda algorithm is making sites like Digg and Facebook rank higher in the search engines because they are updated too often. Google has said only one SEO technique to the whole world: good quality content. Google Panda's effect on the link building part has to be appreciated though. The earlier methods of link building and coming to the top of Google search results is no longer working now. Google Panda effect on traffic and SEO has made all the software developers and webmasters involved to create new database of links which are not busted by Google and are pretty new. Google Panda is demanding lots and lots of fresh content to show your blog some real high quick traffic!