Saturday, December 3, 2011

Google Traffic Not Coming

Many bloggers might have observed a change in some behavior related with the search engines. With new copied content Google will not bring traffic to your site. The previous sentence was true but not completely true. Google gives us all a hint and then it is not bothered to see what the webmasters are doing. There is a new task to get traffic from the Google organic search.

Recently there has been a very good change implemented by Google in its algorithm: no high ranking be given to two people writing the same content. So all you webmasters out there who have scraped content off the internet Google is not going to turn back to take a look at you. Google wants original content meaning a site which has topics which no other site has and which is unique from top to the bottom.

Google is bent upon punishing the criminals but the innocent may also be put behind the bars in the same process. This has happened many a time with many people and hence they all say: we don't want Google! Google just tries to get better which is a real pain for the webmasters as they cannot live up to the sudden changes taking place in the Google algorithms. The best part Google never speaks what is happening behind the bars. It is clear: Google wants only content now: good high quality unique content. If you do not have original brain find something else.

There is one thing too common in the search engine market: Google changes something, all others search engines follow. But not on this one: Google is best at this with so many Engineers struggling to make the web a better place. Long time bloggers are always winning their tortoise races. There are so many new things which the webmasters write and they are now getting the reward for what they have done so far. Let us hope that at least now the SEO heat will come down.