Friday, December 2, 2011

How To Use Google Analytics To Get Traffic

What is the use of Google Analytics: it is free and it is very helpful in bringing traffic to your site. There are many things in Google Analytics which when seen properly give you a proper insight into what will work best for your blog in getting targeted traffic. The main reason why people use Google Analytics is because it is built by Google which has the largest web traffic among all the search engines of the world. There are a few issues with Google Analytics some of which are fixed and some not yet when it comes to SEO and building the site traffic through the search engine rankings this mighty King rules. Let me remind you that Google Analytics is used by almost around 80% of the webmasters population including some great sites like our favorite Twitter. Google Analytics when combined with the results of Google Webmaster Tools can help you a lot with the SEO of your site and help you to get some very good traffic from the search engines.

What is the use of Google Analytics: after all, all the traffic reports I see on it look fake and unreal. It is not also real time traffic that it shows to me: even then why Google Analytics. Believe it or not, Google Analytics is seldom used to take a look at the visitors coming to your site. Instead many webmasters use it to track where the traffic is coming from. To add to the tensions of the Bloggers the Analytics report never includes the crawlers coming to your site in its traffic report and hence it kind of assures you that all the visitors that it is showing are the real human visitors that are coming to your site! But, there is a lot more to this useful piece of software which is very clever and when used cleverly can make you the search engine traffic king!

Google as we all know gives a lot of free services so that it can keep a track of all its customers and their behavior on the sites of the webmasters. It just wants to see what works on the web, what is the favorite of the people on the web, what are people searching for, and, who are the ones who are giving people what they actually want: information and entertainment. Google Analytics is not a simple HTML code: if you have some idea about programming the code of Google Analytics is a JavaScript code and this code works very different from a simple piece of HTML code. If you put Analytics on your site and load the site you will be able to see the rapport going on with Google in the background which is making your pages load slowly. This is probably one issue which troubles the webmasters because people with slower internet connections do not have that patience and hence they lose some traffic due to this fact. Even then people do keep Google Analytics on their site because it is free and it has a lot of information given on it which the webmasters needs.

We all know how hard it is to get some traffic from the search engines if not much: here is where Google Analytics comes into play. No wonder other traffic trackers can also do that but this one is exceptionally special for it comes directly from Google. It is not necessary that if you are not getting traffic from the search engines then you are not getting any traffic at all! Even then the traffic from search engines is special because people here get what they wanted by putting a search phrase up and telling Google to fetch the results. There are people who may claim that Google uses this data for improving its search results but hey, who cares after all we are getting a top class software for free! There are a few things in Google Analytics which when pondered over tells you about your site performance and also tells you about your site competition.

The search traffic and the search keywords used by your visitors to get to your site is accurately shown by the search engines. Recently Google Analytics gave me a report that someone was searching for my URL in its search index: could be a competitor trying to see my SEO status or the links to my site or anything. but, I at least know that someone is watching my back. The other useful part is that you know the strength of your blog as Google Analytics tells you what according to Google are the main primary keywords of your blog. This also tells you the search phrases for which your site will rank tremendously high. To me this is a very useful information to get initial traffic to my site. Once the blog reaches a certain level, then whatever you do will come on the first page of Google: and I have seen this in my research. Google Analytics tells you all that Google thinks about your site and hence we can say that Google has leaked the traffic secret of every site in the Google Analytics report of that site.

Google Analytics also gives you a report of the different countries from where people came to your blog and also the operating systems and the browsers they used to get to your blog. With every SEO technique implemented you should find the reflection of the thoughts of Mr. Google in Google Analytics. This tool has been very helpful to me in my SEO research and has proved things on the practical platform. Every powerful SEO geek will always check these two sites before thinking of bringing changes in his SEO strategy: Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. Though the sites are different they both combine to give your site or blog a strong SEO foundation and a solid traffic gaining idea. According to my experience it is not the book-worm which wins the traffic race, it needs a practical brain and a good sound subjective knowledge which wins in getting the high traffic. Books give you the idea and Google Analytics gives you the practical application part. Google Analytics is a very good traffic analysis tool.