Saturday, November 26, 2011

How To Use Google Webmaster Tools To Get High Traffic

 Google webmaster tools is the best site to see how good your site is performing on Google. There are many posts about how to use the Google webmaster tools to get high traffic but this is not an introduction to Google webmaster tools it is for the expert users who have been using the Google webmaster tools since some time and are not using it seriously to get some real time high traffic to the site.

First and foremost important section in the Google webmaster tools is the queries section. In fact this single section is more than enough for you to get some high traffic for your site for it has got some key information about the keywords, the traffic they bring and also the search queries which were used by people to land on your site. As we all know keywords are the first thing which we are concerned about and Google webmaster tools makes it easier for us to understand the keyword which Google is thinking is the main keyword of our site.

Next we will see in Google webmaster tools the main keyword which is driving traffic to our site. With this information we will now target this keyword and write posts based on it so that we will receive higher traffic from Google quickly. Use this as the main keyword for writing articles concerned about this primary keyword which you have obtained from Google webmaster tools. This will make sure that you will be receiving some initial traffic till you get time to divert the Google bots to the keyword that you want to target for which you need to check again at the Google webmaster tools as I will tell you in the following part.

Google ranks you high for one keyword (as you have seen in the reports of Google webmaster tools) but you have planned to target your site for a different primary keyword. The point is to get some quick initial traffic by posting about the keyword which Google thinks is doing well on your site, along with that also keep on posting articles which are targeting the primary keyword of your site and see the reaction of how Google reacts to the changes on Google webmaster tools.

Google webmaster tools is a program which is designed in such a manner that it copies the behavior of the Google bot and is not the actual program of Google which indexes and ranks your site. But it is completely true that this Google webmaster tools which is a duplicate of the original bot is very informative and gives you a perfect idea about the changes that you can make to your site so as to rank high for the keyword which you have been targeting for.