Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How To Build A High Quality Blog

What is a high quality blog according to Google? A high quality blog according to Google may not be considered to be a high quality blog by the visitors of that blog and vice-versa. Let us discuss this high quality concept and come to a decision to make a blog which is considered to be a high quality blog by both the search engines as well as the visitors who will be visiting your blog. Generally it is better that a blog should be considered to be of high quality by both its visitors as well as the search engines.

Let us first see why content is King. It is a well known fact that a very fat book has much more knowledge about a particular topic as compared to a book with a very few pages. Similarly a blog with lot of content means that it has everything for every visitor who is landing on the blog. Google definitely does not want to see a blog with a single post standing on top of its organic search results. It wants its users to be happy when they visit a site which is recommended to them by their favorite search engine: Google.

Now coming to the search engine and what it will consider to be a great blog. A search engine does not understand emotions nor does it understand literature and its effect on the human mind. Hence a search engine directly or indirectly has to depend on the human readers to make sure that the right blog is making up to its top results and hence it tracks a few visitor behaviors to see how the visitor liked the blog. One such factor is the time the user spends and the other factor being: does this visitor recommend this blog to his blog visitors? Hence Google depends on links to make sure that the most popular blog which is having the largest amount of links pointing to it is ranking first in the organic search results.

A high quality blog will not have keywords all around the place making it difficult for the visitor to read the blog. Google makes sure of all these things and hence keyword trick is successful if the limit is understood and this is exactly what the high quality blog refers to. A blog should not be specifically designed for the search engines. Instead it should be designed in such a manner that both the visitors and the search engines will consider it to be of sufficient quality to deserve high quality targeted traffic.

SEO and all other things may get you more traffic but more links can be obtained only if you have a high quality blog. Blogs which are just thrown up on the internet are not recommended as they lack the high quality touch which is needed to make it more and more successful. The first and basic requirement to build a good high quality blog is to build the quality first and then make money when the high quality targeted traffic starts coming in. Blog is not a machine which makes you rich it is a means for you to share important information to the people who are searching for it all over the internet. When a blog is filled with such high quality content which suits the need of every person visiting it it will definitely come up with the image of high quality blog.