Saturday, November 26, 2011

How To Get Traffic From Social Networking Sites

How Social networking sites bring so much traffic to a few webmasters? This is one question which troubles everyone in the blog industry when it comes to the topic of social networking. Social networking rules for driving traffic are very easy. Facebook is one of the best social networking sites out there which gets a lot of traffic and can bring real traffic to your site also if you understand the social networking platform properly.

Social network has two aspects: social being and a network of people who are interested in a particular topic or niche to be more precise. All those who have failed in their attempts is because they lack what is needed the most: network. You need to scream, be a leader, be social, share information and get introduced to many people all over the Internet to stay updated all the time and also to update your site status and let your network do the rest. In Digg, the network decides whether you should win or lose in the race of getting traffic to your site.

Social networking sites are now having clear and strict rules to get the ball rolling quickly and efficiently in order to make sure that any content does not just pop up into the front page of the sites and give high traffics to some sites suddenly. A very interesting graph showed shooting traffic results coming from Reddit to a brand new site which also decreased to the usual traffic after three days. Someone found the link to be quite useful and pasted it in his profile which had many followers in its network and hence the traffic saw a very unusual spike for a day or two.

Social networking sites are also being visited by the Google crawlers time and again to get new links. On the other hand, social networking sites will give you only no-follow links and be sure about it. Putting a link to your site on the social bookmarking site does not play a very vital role in SEO of the site, it only makes the process of calling the Google crawler faster and easier thus bringing some quick traffic to your site. If you want to get very high traffic from the social networking sites then you need to do some homework and build a good social network of targeted visitors who will have at least some idea of whatever you will post on profile page of the social networking site which you are using.