Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Can Templates And CSS Bring High Traffic

There are many designers claiming to give you high traffic templates and CSS style sheets. The bitter part of the truth is these are not all all related to high traffic. Google is not bothered about color and other things that you are using in your posts. It is bull shit to even think of such a traffic statistic.

There are certain things which when taken care of in the CSS and template section can prove to be a good SEO technique. However when it comes to raking a site, Google is definitely not bothered about the templates or the CSS of your site. Let us just take a look at a few features related with templates and CSS which can help improve the SEO of your site.

The first thing which Google loves to see is a site which loads very quickly. For that reason it is better that you use a template or a style sheet which is very light and can load very fast. Many webmasters have a dark template to make this thing come true. Because the darker the background, lesser is the data to be transferred and hence faster is the loading speed.

There is one more thing relates with templates and CSS sheets: lesser the flash better is the chance that Google will love your site. It is not just about Flash but also JavaScript is something which Google hates to see on sites. That is it, I don't know of any other thing in these two things which can help you will SEO such that people claim to give you high traffic through their templates. Be-fooling you is the only reason for which the designers are claiming such things. The success of your site depends on you and not on the template and CSS.