Friday, November 18, 2011

How Is Link Baiting Done

Link baiting is considered to be a game of luck which seldom works. This part is true with webmasters who have a junk website which is just built like a huge castle with ordinary walls. The best way to see the success of your site is to see how successful you have been at link baiting. There are certain rules in this play which if followed properly can make you a link baiting expert and bring a good amount of blasting fresh traffic to your website.

The best part of link baiting is that you get what is considered by Google to be an ideal link. Ever seen any post performing very well and upholding the traffic of your site. if do some research you will come to know that there has been some webmaster out there who has given you a link and has thus voted you as a good site and promoted you at Google.

The hard to digest part is that the link-baiting trick does not always work. With many webmaster you will come to know that there is one out of a thousand articles which goes viral because of success in link baiting. If there is some professional SEO expert out there, he will take your site, tweak it and make it look so professional that everyone will want to link to it or subscribe to its RSS feeds.

There are very few tricks to make link-baiting successful. First make your site look professional if you are not so good at the content building thing. Next write a few articles which are short neat up to the point and show your expertise and research done in the field. Then add its link to some of the high traffic social networking sites and let it go viral. Within a few minutes the trick works out and gets you some very important links from people whom you had once begged to give you a link. It is the look and the information which should make your link-bait so successful. With such link baiting there is no doubt that such a site will go all viral and get the attention all over the internet thus bringing you not just high traffic but high viral targeted traffic!