Monday, November 21, 2011

Is It Possible to get Sudden Traffic

This is one question which had troubled me a lot while I was in the initial blogging years. I read many a cases where a farmer got a sudden traffic spike on his blog or a blogger who did not even know English properly got hell a lot of traffic on his blog. The worst part of the situation was that I myself saw with my own eyes the traffic statistics on his site at the traffic counter. the most unbelievable traffic statistics belonged to a blog with a single blog post on Indian astrology getting thousands of visitors traffic every day!

What about those bloggers out there who write very detailed posts and depend on quality throughout their blogging lives and making very detailed high quality posts which never come top on Google even if they deserve it. This is the problem with the Google robot that it understands only algorithm and not the idea and the quality behind the words. Keeping this in mind Google thought of making the social networking sites their target so that they can understand the popularity of the blog in the network of all his fellow bloggers.

But still a robot is always a robot and can always be fooled. Google may argue on this but it knows its limitations and is completely aware of how it can be cheated by the master-minded SEO experts who have known all the techniques of be-fooling the Google spider. The bast part is that it is true that you can somehow get a sudden traffic to your site if you have either of the two things with you: great content or huge number of links. A person who knows of around some thousand sites and builds his links with all of them he is sure to get success or a ban from Google. because Google wants related sites to give a link to you. but, what about the directories, they are never related to our blogging niche and yet Google gives them authority.

We can only conclude that there are definitely certain loopholes in Google. There are some things which Google cannot help but succumb to. A site frequently updated with shit is also dearer to Google because it just wants fresh content! So whoever just keeps on adding content to his site speaking about nothing gets good number of visitors which do not find anything on his site and hence click the links which are related to the above topic and thus sometimes even accidentally making him some very quick high money benefit. Every algorithm has a weak point and Google also has one. So getting sudden traffic through Google is definitely possible and can also be easily done if you are a SEO geek and know all that a search engine needs to put your site on the top of its organic search results thus making you some very quick traffic.