Thursday, November 11, 2010

How To Get High Traffic Quickly

Getting high traffic quickly is no child play. Creating a high traffic website requires proper promotion, without which, it is just another website on the web which has no sales and no quick high traffic whatsoever. Creating a quick and high traffic website needs a smarter brain. Getting high traffic quickly is possible. Good SEO experts do it in thirty minutes with all necessary SEO softwares. Here are a few hints on how you can get high traffic quickly on your very own website.

Coming to how you can build a high traffic website: You need to build it first. No one likes chicken bones: people love chicken meat. You need to have proper unique high quality content on your site. Give some daily dose of posts to your blog every now and then. A good and proper website will have at least a hundred posts with unique high quality content posted on it. Google loves site with good and unique content.

The research phase is very important. Keyword research is one of the things many webmasters never pay much attention to. There are many keywords which you can compete with very easily. Rome was not built in a day. No high traffic website can be built in a single day until you are pretty perfect in SEO stuff which I will speak about in greater detail later. The impact of keyword research is less but trust me the keyword optimization trick works even today!

After keyword research comes the promotion part. Promoting a website is one of the hardest stuff and we all know that. Promoting a site is like one of the lion's dens that you have to enter even if you do not feel like entering it. Promotion comes with link building. Leave the link of your site all around the internet and let Google know the importance of your website. Selling something online needs some convincing which is not possible if you do not get to know the type of ads that you will get on your website.

If you are completely dependent on SEO for getting some quick high traffic, let me tell you that there is no guarantee that you will be able to edge out all the other competitors in a very short time. Link building is the most difficult as also the most powerful way of increasing traffic to your website. Many professionals outsource the promotion work to others and do content creation stuff by themselves. If you are ranking high for a particular keyword it is possible that you can get some very quick and high traffic which will bring you a very good commission if the visitors gets convinced.

The Google algorithm has changed, not Google! It still is the same search engine and it still has a few weaknesses. We all know that Google is helpless when it comes to links. The more links you have the better will be the search engine rankings of your pages. To make things more clear: out of all the factors which affect the ranking of your page in the organic search results Google Page Rank is one of the most important factors and we all know how the Google Page Rank can be increased: so the fight is not yet over. Even sites with 0 Page Rank are getting traffic without any changes made in them!

Getting high traffic quickly is possible only if you know how to do the promotion stuff. If you are not a technical expert and do not like fiddling around with too much of SEO for getting some quick traffic, use Twitter and other social media sites to get the ball rolling. You need to make friends who share the same interests with you.If used properly social networking sites can also bring some very high traffic to your site pretty quickly. In order to get high traffic quickly you will have to take up any promotion possible whatsoever and promote your site throughout the internet. Comments are welcome.