Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How To Get One Way Links

Getting one way links has been a difficult job for a few people and a cake walk for a few others. As they say: let the tree grow and then expect the fruits: first build your site and then think about link building and promotion. If the site is built completely start your link building campaign effectively.

The reason why many bloggers search for link building strategies is because their site does not get much links. The internet is viral and in this conditions if you say that no other site is giving you a one way link: you are kidding. Many of my webpages get links from many places all over the internet. I will tell you exactly how to achieve this.

First and foremost finish the site building process. Your site should look like a fresh beautiful and plump bride to the search engines. Write content which is worth reading. Simply writing too many posts and throwing it into the search engines is a very easy thing. But these posts will decide the number of links that your site will get from the readers who read it. There are many readers who use sites like facebook and orkut in order to bookmark all the interesting online stuff so that they can take a look at it later.

This is just one way using which you can get some valuable one way links. But, there are many people who have nothing to write and yet want to have some traffic on their site. So, they write a post in which they will give a summary of the content of your post and will also give a link back to your webpage! Most of the link building happens automatically once your page ranks high in the search engine for any specific search term. It is worth considering the fact that webmasters are always keen on sharing some important with their site visitors.

I say this again: play very safe with Google when it comes to link building. Google values quality link building. You will get many sites telling you that two way links are also good in promoting your site; yes they are, but, Google does not give them much importance as compared to a site which has high quality one way backlinks pointing to it. Do not use comment spam for link building. Google hates such link building strategies. Google wants us to build quality links: which comes for absolutely no price whatsoever. Social bookmarking your site is more than enough to invite the Googlebot to your site, rest of the link building should be viral provided that you are giving quality content to the visitors which is worth linking to! Any other link building strategies are welcome in the comments section.