Monday, November 28, 2011

10 Ways To Get High Traffic To Your Site

The best 10 easy of getting traffic to your site are pretty simple. I will make it step by step so that you can better understand all the 10 ways and the order in which they should be applied to get some quick high traffic to your site. Getting traffic is very easy if you know about Google and the latest changes it is bringing in its algorithms. The latest algorithm has played a lot of tricks and has made Google pretty helpless in the new results which are disturbing the whole world with sudden traffic changes.

  1. Read and know Google. There is no other way out to get a major hold of Google traffic. Ranking first on Google means thousands of visitors. Reaching there is a very big headache (you will know once you try it). The best way to keep track of the latest change in Google is to take a look at Matt Cutts blog. You may know him: he keeps track of all the changes in Google and also woks at Google. Though the Google secrets are never let out.
  2. Use proper titles to get high traffic. Even today I find there are many people who do not use the titles properly. the post speaks of some other thing and the title speaks of something else. Use you main keyword clearly in the title so that Google knows what yo are writing about. Usually posts answering question do good which also means that your title should have the question and the post should have the solution.
  3. Use keywords properly: keywords work even today. Google cannot avoid using keywords for ranking pages. Probably this is the major thing which appeals to Google in the written title for Google cannot understand the posts from a human point of view but from a computers point of view.
  4. No messing up with URL. Do not let the URL be decided by any other thing. You yourself should decide the URL and avoid using dates and other nonsense things in the URL. The URL should specifically have your keywords in it else the URL is not of much use to you.
  5. Keep the posts short. this is a very good way of having higher keyword density in your post and also it gives you the opportunity to split one post into many other posts and thus have greater number of posts on your blog.
  6. Keep your blog frequently updated. The first thing that you do at the beginning of the day is to take a look at the latest news in you niche and update you blog with those latest changes. More frequently you update your blog, the more frequently you traffic chart gets updated.
  7. Have a lot of high quality content on your blog. The content is king formula holds good even today. Where there is content there there is Google and there comes the traffic in thousands if not in millions.
  8. Do not keep on giving links to others. Give links to very few people who you think deserve it. Else your home page should be absolutely clean. Giving links to non-authorized sites means getting a heavy penalty from Google.
  9. Keep on building links consistently. Once Google comes to know that you are getting popular it may push you down in its results for a while to slow you down, but, do not look back add high quality links to your blog because building links is by far the best way to get high traffic to your blog. Google is aware and hence it will try to test you and even demotivate you for a while by pushing back your links. The whole world knows the best traffic formula: link building.
  10. Google webmaster tools and Google Analytics will show you the ladder to get even more traffic by telling you about Google's opinion about your site. With a proper well optimized blog getting to the top page of Google and getting high traffic should never be a great deal.

These are the  best ways to get good great traffic coming from Google. Google traffic is filled with targeted visitors who convert well in most of the cases. Getting high traffic has a very simple formula: come first on the first page of Google and rest while Google keeps on bringing in all the traffic. You really earn from your blog when something comes on the top of Google else you are just wasting your time here and there without much traffic on your blog. With little hundred visitors you do not have any chance is getting anything from the  advertisers, to earn real your visitors have to be in thousands. Use the comments section to tell the world the ways you use to get high traffic to your blog.