Thursday, November 17, 2011

Off-page Optimization

After on-page optimization comes the off-page optimization part which we all know is a very hard part of SEO. Though the good news is that off-page optimization gives very quick results. Ask any SEO expert and he will definitely tell you that off-page optimization is the most important optimization for it helps you in coming to the top page of Google. When combined with a proper site with lot of material already uploaded on it off-page optimization brings breathtaking quick high traffic results which will leave you wondering on how powerful off-page optimization can be.

What makes off-page optimization so difficult? Webmasters hate giving links to others. Not just that but there are many web directories which give you the pay and get links option which is not respected much by Google. To make things worse there are not many sites which include you freely in their sites. Even if someone gives you a free link check it and you will come to know that you have got a no-follow link which again does not have much impact on the leading search engines.

Off-page optimization can be easily done if you have a professional looking website which will be just loved by Google and the site visitors. Many webmasters depend on link baiting to make their site go viral and get some quick links off the internet. This strategy works best if you have sufficient knowledge about the topic you are speaking about. There are many people out there who respect original content and give a link to a site which has something very useful which will be of much help to their visitors.

Such off-page optimization is actually supported by Google because these link will and should come from sites which are blogging in the same niche which your site belongs to. Off-page optimization is done by building links through social bookmarking sites, forums, article directories and link directories on the internet which is a very boring and a very long process that makes you frustrated pretty soon if Google does not respond properly by giving you some traffic boost.

The sad point is that off-page optimization is very difficult if you are a single person. You will need a software or something likely to help you speed up the process. Else the more you concentrate on off-page optimization, the more it drives you crazy with little peaks of quick high traffic success. If you want high traffic it is very much necessary that you should show up in the top search results for the keyword phrase which you are targeting for. As always, we always have to remember that with every search engine content is king. The more the content, the greater is your chance to get higher traffic and dominate the search results.