Monday, November 21, 2011

How To Get Traffic Through YouTube

YouTube is a great boon if you want to get some additional traffic to your site. Generally people try to build links through YouTube which I did not find to be so useful as the links given on YouTube are no-follow links. There is also a debate that no-follow links are not so useful in getting some quick traffic to your site. I myself know the power of no-follow links which have worked at least in my case. but of course when it comes to page rank you do need only the do-follow links which are very hard to obtain.

Coming to the point YouTube can help you drive traffic to your site. It is definitely not the link that you are thinking about which is going to work here. YouTube actually reminds me of Google breaking its own policies: using pop-up ads to distract visitors and causing great nuisance to its visitors while they are watching something online. Anyways the following paragraph will tell you how you can use YouTube to get traffic to your site. I would also like to remind you: if you do not know how to create a good video do not use the YouTube trick told here else instead of impressing the visitors you will annoy them with a long video which is very boring and has nothing of much use for them in it.

People who are smart use YouTube the smart way. This is so far the only way I remember one can get some high traffic on YouTube. Up load a video and give a link of your site at the end of the video. One big mistake many bloggers do on YouTube is to post some video with a good title and posting a junk video which has no meaning and which people run away from the very moment it begins. Put a very good video with very good information in it on YouTube and it will get the attention of the people all over the web and people will start visiting your site to get more information on the topic of the video which they had watched.

Very few people know how to use a video properly to get the attention that a choreographer actually deserves. When done properly this thing can make your site viral with just one single post! That is the power of YouTube: it gives your site the attention that it actually deserves. The link on YouTube is also helpful but will not drive much traffic to your site and you can count me on that. Use YouTube only if you know how to make good videos. Interactive videos look very good on YouTube as the visitor feels that you are actually standing in front of him and speaking to him face to face. If the visitors like your video they will definitely come to your site and post a comment about the video which you posted on YouTube. With so many page-views per video YouTube is a favorite of Google and the masses. Use the comment section if you need to tell about any other way using which you can drive traffic to your site using YouTube.