Thursday, November 24, 2011

Does Posting Often Bring Traffic

Posting very often on a blog is probably the best and the quickest method I can think of when it comes to getting some quick and high traffic to your new site or blog. There are many examples which I can state to prove the fact that posting often is so far the best and the quickest way to get high traffic quickly to your blog. There are social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut, Digg and many more sites which are updated so often that they have become a great favorite of the search engines as well as the masses. No wonder these sites have become very famous now and are receiving millions of visitors everyday because of the popular fresh content they are frequently updated with.

There is one let down if you are updating your blog too often. A site which is suddenly getting too many updates and gets many articles posted in a very short time makes Google suspect that this site is a fraud site and is running on some autopilot software. One more important thing is the original content issue. Just for the sake of updating something, copying others' content and putting them on your blog does not make any sense at all and benefits neither you nor your blog- in fact you are harming your blog with this step.

Updating duplicate content on a site gets penalty from Google and is an action which webmasters should best stay away from. This drastically reduces the traffic of your site. Hence I make my point a bit more clearer: update original posts as often as possible and get high traffic to your site is the absolute truth in this case. There are many people who will argue saying that it is the links which matters a lot, I agree that link building is the greatest and best traffic pulling SEO technique yet I have felt the power in this powerful technique of updating the site or blog too often to get high traffic.

Posting often is the best way of getting quick traffic to your blog if your site or blog is not getting any. What if there is not much original content left to write in the niche in which I blog? It is for the same reason that all the webmasters out there blog on a variety of topics and usually try to cover them all in the same blog so that they can have a blog which can be updated often to keep the traffic flowing. This may affect the SEO part a bit, but the content will get updated so often, that the traffic will just keep on pouring in. It is only up to a certain point that you have to face the problem of getting traffic. Once you get to the top of Google organic search results, whatever you do then brings only traffic to your site, lots and lots of traffic with every fresh unique post you publish!