Monday, November 21, 2011

How To Make A Post Go Viral

If you have been blogging since a long time you must have experienced a blog post going viral some day and bringing lot of traffic suddenly to your blog. Even I had the same experience when my post about the body building secrets of Bollywood stars went viral one day and it received all the attention that it deserved. Once a post goes viral you get some quick links from guys who are in the same blogging niche that you belong to. And that is how when a post goes viral you get a sudden peak of traffic in the statistics of your daily visitors.

Going viral in a a few words means getting links suddenly and thus jumping quickly to the front page of Google thus bringing you a lot of traffic. There are a few things which when done properly can make your blog go viral some day. First of all whatever you are going to write about, you should know completely about that topic. Do a detailed research about the topic and write carefully about all the information and throw it on the web. If you are lucky it will work like a strong link bait and will be shared by people who liked the topic very much and want to share that piece of information with their blog visitors thus giving you a valuable link and making the post go viral.

The information should be up-to-date and should be so interesting that everyone should feel like sharing it with their friends on the social networking sites. That's it. Ten such articles should be able to make your blog a super hit in the market that you are targeting to. it is not so difficult to write such a post if you are good at doing some research and putting together all the observations in a well structured manner so that people will have a complete detailed article sitting in front of them which they would like to share with others and make it go viral unknowingly. There are many blogger out there who maintain blogs in which only links are given out to others. If you get your entry into a few such sites which belong to your niche you have successfully made a good link bait which will attract a lot of links and traffic and make you site go viral in no time.

Making a post go viral needs lot of effort and a well structured post. People do not just make anything on the web viral. There are many webmasters out there who have typed very good false stories and have made that story come true ion their lives by doing affiliate marketing and getting the false story viral. If you are good at it you will definitely make a good affiliate marketer and also be good at making false news viral. People appreciate useful piece of information given out freely and as a token of respect give you a link instead and thus make the blog go viral in no time. I personally saw the statistics on one of my friend's site the day when a single post about Royal En-field (which is seldom spoken of on the internet) went viral because people liked the information and the pictures that he had shared on that post and the effect was such that a blog which got a regular visit of only fifty people per day suddenly went viral and received a great traffic of around 21000 visitors in three days time!