Thursday, November 17, 2011

Role Of SEO In Link Building And Bringing Traffic

What role does search engine optimization (SEO) play in bringing traffic to one's site. SEO is one thing which webmasters think is so complex that it is hard to become an SEO expert. I had been into the SEO thing and rammed my head against the wall to learn SEO and come on the first page of Google for the search term modern trends which I finally was successful in achieving. SEO if done properly can be a great thing and can bring sudden traffic surges to your site unexpectedly. After reading 200 SEO books I finally came to know that there is no SEO traffic secret!

After reading around 200 books about SEO I understood two things very clearly: it is effective and does bring very high traffic to your site, and, it is difficult for a single person to do the SEO stuff all by himself. Many webmasters build their blog and outsource the SEO part. Though this does work effectively, still if done properly you will not need others to take a look into the situation. I do not explain SEO in this article but only tell you how it can be used to come to the top search result of Google and get some quick and high traffic.

The first thing in SEO is the on-page optimization which includes using keywords effectively in the page-title, the body of the post and also in some internal link-building. This part is easy and if your post is well written with some amazing facts in it which everyone would love to share, your post has gone viral. Many people have the question when does a site go viral. You need to give it an initial push and later when it reaches out to the masses it goes viral and makes some amazing traffic movements at your server thus making you happy.

The second part is off-page optimization. This is the most useful and the most difficult part of the equation. Getting links on the web is not a cake walk. You would understand what I am speaking about if you try some link building without spending money on it. If you build hundreds of link on the same day, Google busts you. If you do it too slowly your competition outdoes you. The Google Engineer Matt Cutts states in his blog that it is not so important to build any links on your own. Not just that but he has himself built a blog in order to convince the webmasters that link building is good when it is natural. The basic focus of every webmaster should be first on building valuable content. The rest of the links just follow you if they think that your site is perfect.

If on-page optimization is done properly and there are many posts on your site, the links will naturally follow. I have also observed and tested this fact on many of my previous testing blogs. If the on-page SEO part is done properly and you site contains some three hundred posts, traffic will never stop. There are many long-tail keywords which are not yet targeted by the webmasters. See such keyword phrases and dominate Google with the initial posts itself and get traffic surges once you have enough high-quality content on your site. Be careful before doing keyword stuffing to get some quick initial success with the search engines. High density keyword articles are very carefully tested by the search engine and if they think that you are trying to spam them then all your efforts in building this blog are wasted.