Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Is SEO Necessary To Get Traffic

SEO is a very essential technique for getting some quick high traffic to your site. The actual definition about SEO should be: SEO is the technique which is concerned about making the search engines happy and thus bringing you some traffic from the search engines. The actual pat of the fact is: even a little traffic coming from proper SEO actually means a lot of traffic to us the webmasters. The good part is some part of SEO are very easy to follow.

SEO is broadly classified into two sections: on-page SEO and off-page SEO of which the latter is most important for getting some quick and high traffic. On-page optimization is very easy to do and can be very effective in bringing high traffic to your site. The only thing is: off-page optimization is ten times much powerful than on-page optimization when it comes to quick visible traffic. On-page optimization is basically involved with keywords and certain page elements which when properly designed according to the quality rules of a search engine can bring rushing traffic easily.

Off-page optimization is the thing which the SEO experts are best at. When Google sees lot of incoming links at a particular site it is impressed and it gives serious consideration to such a site for it is famous with the masses and hence it is of the opinion that such a site deserves high traffic for it is recommended by everyone. Generally the bad guys will have one page showing up for Google and the other for the visitors thus keeping them both happy and getting good traffic and money from a site which looks very well formed and standard to both the search engines and the masses. Off-page optimization is so effective that many webmasters just come up with a new site and keep on adding links to it till they see it on the front page of Google.

Some webmasters are too good at both the SEO parts and also get high traffic very quickly. They write a few things which are so well done that people like to share it on the web and hence the viral web marketing automatically takes place bringing quick traffic to the webmasters. SEO is the only possible thing which is necessary to get traffic to your site. If you are good at social networking and neglecting SEO think again for there is ten times more traffic on this side and is every traffic geeks favorite method. Leave comments on SEO methods which drives quick traffic to your site.